Why Are My Angelfish Kissing? (Reasons Explained)

Angelfish can be a beautiful addition to your tank. They are friendly in nature and can be easy to live with. If you already have Angelfish, you might have seen them locking each other’s lips which might look like a passionate kiss.

But, Why are the Angelfish Kissing? Angelfish mainly lock their lips when they are mating or fighting. Either of these can occur when you see them kissing. When they are engaged in battle, they will lock their lips and roll with the idea of hurting each other.

It can be very confusing, isn’t it? Well, you have got nothing to worry about because in this article I will tell you the ways how to identify when they are mating and when they are fighting. You will also get to know several facts relating to Angelfish’s mating.

So, without any further ado, let us get started.

Do Angelfish Really Kiss Each Other?

Yes, there is no denying that the Angelfish kiss each other in real life. As a part of the pairing or mating process, they lock their lips before looking for a spawning site for breeding. They will simply swim and lock their lips while doing so. 

On the flip side, they also lock their lips while showing dominance which also seems like they are kissing each other. It usually occurs when they need to fight over mates or territory. You will see them locking their lips and rolling in the tank. 

To be honest, it should not happen as it will bring no good rather harm to your fish. Such aggressive behavior might also cause the death of any of these fish. However, you will hardly see the opposite sex doing such behavior.

Why Are My Angelfish Kissing Each Other?

Angelfish have the tendency to kiss each other or lock lips together. You will often find the opposite sex are kissing, whereas sometimes you will see the same-sex locking the lips. It is the second one which might make you worry.

So why does Angelfish lock each other’s lips? Well, there are two main reasons for that, and you need to understand which one is an alarming situation and which one is completely normal. 

Reasons Why Angelfish Kiss Each Other:

The main two reasons behind the passionate kissing of your Angelfish include; 

1. Mating Situation

Just like any other animal, Angelfish also has the tendency to show love towards the opposite sex is by kissing.

The passionate kiss between two opposite-sex fish indicates that they are mating or pairing with each other.

You will find it romantic as they will kiss and roam around together. It is before finding the spawning spot for breeding when the kiss occurs.

You need to understand that such a kiss is completely natural. You will have nothing to worry about. 

2. Showing Dominance

The dangerous kiss occurs when the Angelfish want to show off their dominance in front of other Angelfish. They will simply lock their lips and roll over the tank. Such a kiss is nothing but the perfect way to showcase aggression.

You will hardly find a male Angelfish is kissing a female Angelfish for aggression; trust me, it only occurs between the same sex. It is the male Angelfish that mostly shows aggression.

However, if a male Angelfish gets rejected by a female Angelfish, then they might chase the female fish and attack them by the kiss. That is, in the case of Angelfish, not all lip-locking is a romantic thing as it can be violent. 

Then again, in order to secure a female Angelfish or territory, the male Angelfish might fight among themselves by locking their lips and trying to hurt each other. 

How Do You Know When Angelfish Are Mating?

At the time of mating, you will notice the Angelfish kissing and locking each other’s lips. The kissing indicates the mating interactions, which occur exactly before seeking the spawning spot. 

You will notice two Angelfish of different sex coming together and kissing & mating with each other. Moreover, you will notice they are swimming side by side without showing any side of aggressive behavior. 

Angelfish Mating Behavior

Now that you are familiar with the process of mating, let us see how both male and female Angelfish behave during the mating phase.

Mating Behavior – Female Angelfish

You will know when the Female Angelfish are carrying eggs. How to know if the Angelfish are carrying eggs?

Well, when you carefully notice the papilla (the sexual organ), you will see it has got wider. Sometimes you might need to check the fish throughout the day to make sure. 

The female Angelfish, along with the male ones, will look for a place where the female Angelfish will lay the eggs. The Angelfish have the tendency to lay eggs in perfectly straight lines. 

Mating Behavior – Male Angelfish 

The sexual organ of the Male Angelfish, Papilla, has a pointer shape that is not visible while it is preparing to fertilize the eggs. They also have a bump on the nose. 

Once the female Angelfish lay eggs, you will notice the male fish fertilize the eggs. You will notice the male Angelfish following the female fish to find the perfect spot for the eggs to keep and fertilize them perfectly. 

Angelfish Fighting Behavior

Angelfish also lock their lips while fighting. Although it looks romantic, it is actually dangerous. You will notice they are mostly of the same sex. Then again, you will see they lock their lips and roll around with the intention of hurting each other.

They will also chase each other and follow to attack more. You might need to take proper action to minimize these things. 

Watch the following video to get a better idea:

Why Do Angelfish Peck At Each Other?

There can be various underlying reasons for the Angelfish to peak at each other.

Capturing Territory:

To begin with, when they feel other fish are capturing their territory, they will choose to be aggressive and peak at each other. 

Choosing Mate:

Then again, when they see the other male Angelfish are trying to pair with the female Angelfish, which is already paired, then they might attack each other. 


Lastly, when the tank condition is not up to the mark, that is, the water parameters fluctuate more often, or the water is contaminated, then the Angelfish might get stressed and attack each other. 

Final Thoughts:

The Angelfish are mostly seen as kissing each other, which can be a romantic action or an aggressive action. Before the mating process, you will see the paired Angelfish kissing each other and swimming with each other. 

Then again, when they feel threatened and feel like the territory, and the paired female Angelfish are going out of hand, they will attack other fish. In this process, they lock each other’s lips together and roll with the intention of hurting each other. 

You need to observe them carefully and take the necessary steps. Well, you do not have to worry a bit if the kiss is for the breeding process. The male and female fish will do their job perfectly. 

Asif Iqbal

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