Best Aquarium Lights

Without good aquarium lighting, it is not possible to enjoy the beauty of your fish tank. Also, if you are planning on building a planted tank, then lighting is the most important thing to keep the planted tanks alive.

Aquarium lighting required for regular aquariums and planted aquariums are not the same. Planted tanks need brighter lights than fish-only tanks. Similarly, you can not use the same lighting condition for freshwater aquariums and saltwater aquariums with corals as reef tank needs more UV lights.

That’s why I will recommend different aquarium lights for:

  • Planted Fish Tanks
  • Fish-only Aquariums
  • Blacklight for Glofish Aquarium
  • Saltwater Aquarium With Corals

We will only talk about the aquarium lights we personally like, and also we are going to explain why we like them and why they might be good for your particular type of aquarium. So, let’s get started without further ado!

1. Best Aquarium Lighting for Planted & Fish-Only Tanks: [Hygger Aquarium LED Light]

Proper lighting is very important for planted tanks as the light is going to have a direct impact on the growth of plants inside the fish tank.

Currently, I am using “Super Slim Planted Aquarium Lights” for my 15 gallon planted tank setup. It has a combination of blue and white light.

Check out the amazing color tone this aquarium lighting produces:

The lighting is pretty bright and it makes everything look so vibrant. You can find it on Amazon by clicking here. I recommend this light for freshwater tanks only.

Why We Chose This Light?

  • It’s affordable & High quality LED light.
  • It can be used for both planted and fish-only tanks.
  • We love the spectrum they are producing.

What more can anyone possibly need or ask for from an aquarium light?

Benefits of Choosing The Right LED Light:

  • Saves Your Money: Some aquarium lights are very expensive. You really don’t need very expensive lights for your aquariums.
  • Makes Aquarium Maintenance Easier: Choosing the right kind of lighting reduces the chances of algae outbreaks and makes aquarium maintenance easier.
  • Reliability: The right kind of aquarium LED light should last for years. If you buy a bad product and it breaks down after six months, you will have to buy a new one. We will make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • Emits less Heat: LED lights emit less heat compared to fluorescent lights. That’s why I always recommend the use of LED lights. Also, LED lights last longer.

Other Recommended Aquarium Lights

2. Best Black Light For Glofish: (GloFish Color-Changing Cycle Light)

To enjoy the glowing colors of glofish, you must choose lights with black light capabilities. This particular light comes with deep blue LED lights and Blacklight, which can bring out the vibrant neon color of the GloFish.

Check out our recommended aquarium light for your GloFish by clicking here (For 20 to 75-gallon tank). It comes with four lighting moods and has white, blue, and black colors featured.
If your tank size is 5-10 gallons, then go with this one.

3. Best Aquarium Lighting for Corals: [Hipargero Coral Reef Nano Fish Tank LED Light]

If you are into reef tanks and corals, then you already know that the lighting system for freshwater tanks and tanks that have corals is not the same.

Aquarium lighting for corals must contain UV rays of the spectrum. So, before buying lights for your reef tank, look for the presence of violet LED.

If you are looking for a decent LED light for your Nano reef tank, then check out the Hipargero Coral Reef Nano Fish Tank LED Light on Amazon by clicking here. It has Violet LED, which is best for corals and other sea fishes in your reef tank.