Best Aquarium Heater

Best Aquarium Heater

Most of the aquarium fishes that you get from pet stores can’t tolerate fluctuations in temperature. Even if you are comfortable at room temperature, your fish might not be.

That’s why we need aquarium heaters. We don’t want our favorite fish pets to suffer when the temperature falls. Last winter, I lost some of my aquarium fish because of heater issues.

That’s when I actually learned the importance of aquarium heaters. If you live in a warm region, you might need a heater only during the winter. But if you live somewhere where the temperature can get very low, a heater is a must.

Our Top Pick: AQQA Submersible Aquarium Heater

We have found the best Aquarium Heater from the brand AQQA. This heater is really good and available in multiple sizes suitable for different sizes of aquariums. 

Depending on the size you choose, this heater can cost you from $40 – $80. Check the current price on Amazon by clicking here.

Some Features of AQQA Submersible Aquarium Heater:

  • Good Build Quality
  • Available For Multiple Aquarium Sizes
  • Comes WIth a Digital Temperature Checker
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • A heater guard is present.
  • Cord Length: 4ft

The heater I used is not the exact same model, but it’s similar. I have recommended this heater to many people, and everyone seems satisfied with this product. You can buy it without any hesitation. Just make sure you buy the right size and install it inside your aquarium properly.

If you are still overwhelmed by seeing the different features and sizes of aquarium heaters, don’t panic. Let’s talk about what I look for before buying an aquarium heater and how to buy the right one for your particular aquarium.

Things To Know For Before Buying an Aquarium:

1. Appropriate Heater Size For an Aquarium:

The common rule of thumb that all experts agree on is that “5 watts per gallon/ 4 Litre.

Check out the table below to find out the perfect heater size for your fish tank:

Tank SizeRecommended Heater Size
5-gallon25 watts
20-gallon100 watts
30-gallon tank150 watts
40-gallon tank200 Watts
50-gallon tank250 Watts
60-gallon tank300 Watts
75-gallon tank375 Watts
80-75-gallon tank400 Watts
100-gallon tank500 Watts
125-gallon tank625 Watts
150-gallon tank750 Watts
160-gallon tank800 Watts

2. It’s Better to Get 2 Heaters Than 1:

Most Heaters Fail at some point. If your aquarium heater fails, your aquarium will start going cold or too hot.

If you have a 20-gallon tank, it’s better to get two 50-watt heaters instead of one 100-watt. Put two heaters on both sides of the aquarium. It’s very unlikely that two heaters will fail at the same time. So, having two heaters instead is like minimizing the risks.

3. Necessary Heater Features:

Adjustable Temperature: I don’t care about having wifi connectivity features of an aquarium heater. I am fine as long as the heater has an adjustability feature so that I can change the temperature setting for the need of the specific species of fish I am keeping.

Heater Guard or Basket: Another important feature that an aquarium heater must have is the heater basket or guard, which will protect your aquarium fishes from getting stuck into the heater.

4. Proper Way of Installation:

Don’t turn on the heater and then sink it in the fish tank. Plug it in after keeping the heater inside your fish tank for 15-20 minutes so that it can soak the water and acclimate to the surrounding temperature.

  • Put It Near Your Filter: If there is water flow near the heater, then the temperature will spread more evenly. If you put the heater in a stagnant place, the water temperature around the heater will have greater temperature, which is not an ideal condition for any fish tank.
  • Don’t Let The Heater Get Dry: All aquarium heaters are submersible. If you keep it outside the water while it’s plugged in, then it will definitely crack or stop working. Also, when the heater is dry, keep it underwater for at least 20 minutes before plugging it in.

These are the things that you must know so that you buy an aquarium heater. When it comes to aquarium heaters, try to get the right watt following the table I have mentioned earlier.

If you have any further queries feel free to get in touch.