Best Air Pump

People add aquarium pumps in their new fish tanks for a lot of different reasons. Some people want to add an air pump as they think air bubbles look cool. But the main reason is your fish needs oxygen. Don’t get me wrong. Air pumps don’t supply oxygen to your fish tank directly. But they play a vital role in getting oxygen inside your tank.

But as it creates bubbles and these bubbles pop up at the surface of the water, this creates surface agitation. Surface agitation improves the gaseous exchange between air and water in your aquarium.

So, to provide enough oxygen, you might need to add an air pump while setting up your fish tank.

As I was saying, you might want to add an air pump to your fish tank for the following reasons:

  • Air bubbles look cool: It looks even cooler if you have a pirate ship with bubbles and skeletons. When I was a child, I loved air bubbles coming out of fancy pirate ships in one of my neighbor’s aquariums.
  • Some filters Need Air Pumps: Sponge filters need to be attached to an air pump. So, if you want to install a sponge filter, you might want to add an air pump as well.
  • Your Fish Need Oxygen: This is possibly the main reason to add an air pump while setting up an aquarium. Air pumps create surface agitation and promote the exchange of oxygen and carbon-di-oxide from the air. This provides enough oxygen for your fish and keeps your fish healthy.

Now you know why you need an air pump, but are you confused about which air pump to get? Let me recommend you my favorite air pump.

My Top Pick: [Uniclife Adjustable Aquarium Air Pump]

This air pump has a good airflow rate. You can also adjust the airflow rate, which is a necessary feature to have. You can check this air pump on Amazon by clicking here.

Also, this air pump is comparatively more silent than other air pumps. The perfect Tank size for this air pump is 10 – 60 gallons. Do check it out if you are looking for a decent air pump.

The bottom line is if you don’t have an air pump, then get one. It will make your aquarium fishes and plants more healthy for sure. Also, it looks to have all these bubbles in the fish tank.