Aquarium Cleaning Set

Complete Aquarium Cleaning Kit:

Check out my recommended Complete aquarium cleaning kit on Amazon by clicking here. I am using this product for a few months and found it very helpful.

This cleaning set includes:

  • Fish net
  • Algae Scraper
  • Sponge brush
  • Fork
  • Gravel rake
  • Siphon Vacuum

This kit will help you with the whole cleaning process. Cleaning an aquarium is not an easy task without the right tools. Currently, I have a 15 gallon planted tank setup in my living room and this product is helping me a lot. I highly recommend everyone to get this tools. Trust me, it made my life easier.

Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner:

Magnetic glass cleaner makes life much easier. Previously, I used to clean my aquarium with normal cleaner and it was tough. Algae formation on glass is very common. You can use a magnetic glass cleaner to get rid of algae on the glass within minutes.

I suggest every aquarist to buy a magnetic glass cleaner like the one you see in the above picture. You can check out my recommended magnetic aquarium glass cleaner on Amazon by clicking here.