Recommended Fish Foods

The right kind of food is important for the proper growth and health of your pet fishes. Variations in feeding is necessary to ensure a balance diet for aquarium fishes. Here, I will recommend different types of commercially prepared foods that I have been feeding to my fishes for years.

1. Xtreme Aquatic Nano Fish Food

Nano fishes usually have smaller mouth. I have been keeping nano fishes for ages and as they have small mouth and specific diet requirements.

While choosing the right kind of pellets for your nano fishes, you need to make sure the food that you are feeding them is 0.5 mm or smaller in size, so that they can intake the pellets without any trouble. Also, most nano fish, especially livebearers need high protein diet. Look for high percentage of protein before buying any sort for food for your beloved nano fishes.

The Xtreme Aquatic Nano Fish Food is high in protein and its pallet size is also 0.5 mm. Also, nano fishes go crazy over this pallets. You can check out this item on Amazon by clicking here.

That’s why I highly recommend this food for the following fishes:

  • Tetras
  • Guppies
  • Barbs
  • Gouramis
  • Zebra Danio
  • Other livebearers.

These fishes love these pellets. The pellet size is 0.5 mm. My fish with small mouths can easily eat pellets of this size. If you have fries, you can crush these pallets and feed them.

Nutritional Facts:

  1. Protein: 52% 
  2. Fat: 11%
  3. Fiber: 2%
  4. Phosphorous: 1.4%
  5. Moisture: 12%
  6. Ash: 12%

2. TetraBetta PLUS Floating Mini Pellets

Your betta fish needs high quality diet for proper growth and color enhancement. No matter which food you choose make sure its high in protein and have omega 3 fatty acid.

I recommend every betta owner to try the TetraBetta PLUS Floating Mini Pellets. It has natural color enhancing formula and betta fishes love this pellets.

Nutritional Facts:

  1. Protein: 43%
  2. Fat: 10%
  3. Fiber: 2%
  4. Phosphorous: 0.8%
  5. Moisture: 8%
  6. Ash: 12%

Other Nutrients:

  • Vitamin C: 600 mg/kg
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid: 8000 mg/kg

3. Hikari Tropical Shrimp Cuisine Fish Food

Hikari fish foods are in the market for a long time. If you are in the hobby, I am sure you have heard about this brand already. Tropical shrimps like cherry shrimps, ghost shrimps and Amano shrimps love this food.

Also, the quality of this feed is great. I have not seen anyone having any issue who have already fed this Hikari shrimp food to their pet shrimps. Without You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

Nutritional Facts:

  • Protein: 40%
  • Fat: 6%
  • Fiber: 3%
  • Phosphorous: 1.0%
  • Moisture: 10%
  • Ash: 14%

Other Nutrients:

  • Vitamin A: 14,000 IU/kg
  • Vitamin D3: 2,200 IU/kg
  • Vitamin E: 2700 IU/kg
  • Vitamin C: 10,000 IU/kg
  • Copper: 29 mg/kg

4. Tetra PRO PlecoWafers

Your plecos need special kind of diet too. Many aquarists don’t feed them balanced diet. They think that separate foods for plecos are not necessary as they feed on algae’s and staffs.

But if you want your Plecos to stay healthy and live longer, you can try Tetra Pro PlecoWafers. Most plecos prefer plant based diets and this feed is perfect for you plecos.

Nutritional Facts:

  • Protein: 28% 
  • Fat: 6%
  • Fiber: 5%
  • Phosphorous: 0.8%