GloFish Danio Vs.Tetra: What’s The Difference?

GloFish Danio and GloFish Tetra are the most popular among all the species of the GloFish family as being the non-aggressive ones, and they can be kept easily with other fish. They both love to stay in harmony and are kind of submissive types. But, what are the differences between GloFish Danio and GloFish Tetra?

The main difference between GloFish Danio and Tetra is that glo tetras are bigger in size than danios. Also, Danio needs to be kept at a cooler temperature, whereas Tetra needs a warmer temperature. They have slight differences in price and color as well.  

In this article, you find the complete explanation of how GloFish Danio and GloFish Tetra are different from each other. I will not only mention the tank and water requirements but also provide you with a detailed explanation of the differences between their behavior and food habits. 

So, without any further ado, let us swim through the whole article. 

Difference Between GloFish Danio And GloFish Tetra:

Although GloFish Danio and GloFish Tetra belong to the GloFish family, there can be huge differences when it comes to behavior, food habits, water requirements, and many more. 

Check out this chart below to get an overview of the differences between GloFish Danio and GloFish Tetra:

CriteriaGloFish DanioGloFish Tetra
Origin:Eastern IndiaWestern Brazil
Size:2 – 3 inches long2.5 – 3 inches long
Hardness5-12 dGHup to 15 dGH
Required Temperature:64 to 74°F 68 to 79°F
pH Level:6.5 – 7.07.0
Price: $35.71 – $49.99 (5 Pack)$48 – $67 (5 Pack)
Average Lifespan3.5 years4 years
Hardy Rating:9/108/10
Tank Level:All levelsMid-dweller
Minimum Tank Size:10 Gallon15 Gallon
Breeding:EgglayerEgg Scatterer
Breeding Frequency:Spawn every 10 daysLay eggs every two to three days


GloFish Danio

GloFish Danio is available in various colors, which are patented by The GloFish Company. 

However, the price of all of these different colored GloFish Danios will cost you the same except for the Sunburst Orange Danio. 

You can get a 5-pack GloFish Danio at $35.71, whereas the Sunburst Orange Danio will cost you a little more. 

GloFish Tetra

When it comes to the GloFish Tetra, you will also find them in different colors and the price variation in such a ratio.

However, the price can also vary because of the type of Tetra, the Long Fin Tetra, and the regular Tetra. 

On average, depending on the type of tetra, per glofish tetra will cost you around $10 to $12. But most stores sell at least a pack of 6 for around $65 – $70.

If you want to buy fishes online, then you can check out Glofish Danios and Tetras on Amazon by clicking here.


GloFish Danio

GloFish Danio Fish Tank

GloFish Danio can get up to 2 to 3 inches or 5.1 to 7.6 cm. However, you need to use a comparatively bigger tank to keep them as they are super fast, and they like to swim and explore the whole tank.

They will take 3 to 4 months to reach adult size with proper food and appropriate water parameters. 

According to Petco, the minimum tank size for GloFish danio is 5 Gallon. You can keep 4-5 danios in a 5-gallon tank. But I would not recommend keeping them anything below a 10-gallon tank. But, if you would like to increase the number of danios, you should go for a larger tank.

GloFish Tetra

My 20 gallon glo-tetra planted tank setup [They are about 2 inches in size]

Just like GloFish Danio, the GloFish Tetra will get up to 2 inches long. However, the scenario is different when it comes to Long Fin Tetras. The Long Fin Tetras can get up to 2.5 inches long.

The minimum tank size for GloFish tetra is 5 Gallons, but larger tanks are more suitable for these fishes.

By the time they become 1.5 inches long, both the Tetras can start breeding. In the case of Tetras, they will need almost a year to get to their full potential size. 


GloFish Danio Behavior:

GloFish Danio is such a playful creature and loves to live in groups. They not only need more fish from their own species but also prefer living with others as well. 

GloFish needs enough space to move around, so never keep them in a constrained area.

You need to make sure GloFish Danios are getting adequate food, or else they might behave oddly.

Also, you will need to perfectly maintain the temperature, pH level, and other water parameters just to make sure the proper growth of the fish and to diminish the chances of stress.  

Remember, the GloFish Danio mostly stays in cooler water and needs to maintain the temperature without any fluctuation.

Any kind of drastic or sudden change in the water temperature can irritate the Danios and can lead to dangerous diseases.

Surprisingly, GloFish Danios need to have their own species as mates in the tank. If, by any chance, the tank has an improper ratio of male and female fish, it can cause a fight among its own kind.

Sometimes, they might get aggressive and sometimes cause death. Make sure the number of females is relatively more. Most aquarium hobbyists recommend the female to male ratio should be 2:1.

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GloFish Tetra Behavior:

My Long fin GloFish Tetra (The Bully)

GloFish Tetras are pleasant and love to stay in harmony. They need to be kept in a group of 5 to 6 fish. They cannot be left alone, or else they might get stressed and do unusual activities and eventually develop unwanted diseases. 

However, they can also show some signs of aggression when not kept in a group. They can also get irritated when the foods are not adequate or the water parameters are not maintained.

Let me also warn you by saying the Long Fin Tetras have the tendency to nip fins of other fishes, sometimes without any reason. I had one pink colored long fin Glo-tetra it was slightly bigger than my other tetras and it used to bully every other fish once a while.

A few fish can never fit with them. For an instance, Angelfish and Bettas can never be a good match with them. I have kept a baby angelfish and betta in the same tank, the results were horrible.

If not kept in a good-sized tank, they might feel suffocated and attack other fish. Let me also mention that both male and female GloFish Tetras should have the perfect ratio. The golden ratio is two females per male tetra.

Read this article for more information: Can Glofish Live With Other Fish?

Tank Setup:


Both GloFish Danio and GloFish Tetra will require a filter in order to make the tank a suitable place to live in so that the fish do not get scope to stress. But the situation is indifferent to any other GloFish. 

Do GloFish need a filter? When it comes to GloFish, you cannot avoid using a filter. A proper filter can help diminish nitrites, ammonia, and other contaminants from the water. 

Without the proper filtration, the health of the GloFish will be compromised, and it will further increase the chances of disease and death in some cases. The best kind of filter for glofish tank is a back sump filter.

My glofish tan has a built-in back sump filter and I am keeping them without any issues for a long time. If your glofish tank don’t have a built in back sump filter, you should get a HOB filter. Check out our recommended aquarium filter by clicking here.

All GloFish need proper water that is cleaned and maintained with proper filtration. That is, the filter will maintain the water quality of the tank’s water.

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Minimum Tank Size

Our glofish Tetra Tank Setup

Each fish needs a specific area to roam around, and to avoid suffocation, they need to be kept in a good-sized tank. Moreover, Most of the GloFish cannot leave without a group of 5 to 6 fish from their own species except Betta and Shark. 

GloFish Tetra and Danio, both can stay in 5-gallon tank, but I would recommend getting at least 10-gallon tank for your GloFish tetras and danios; 

If the proper size of the tank is not maintained, it will create a bad atmosphere for the fish and invite unwanted stress and aggression among the fish. 

GloFish Danio Tank Size

The minimum tank size for GloFish Danio is 5 Gallons. However, as stated earlier, the bigger, the better. 

So, How many GloFish Danio Can I put in a 10-gallon? You can put about 5 to 6 GloFish Danio in a 10 Gallon tank but you can increase the number up to 7 or 8. However, it will increase the tank bioload and can get a little bit overcrowded.

GloFish Tetra Tank Size

In the case of GloFish Tetra, I recommend getting a 15 Gallon tank. If possible, then bigger. Do not compromise with the size of the tank. Smaller tanks cause temperamental problems and affect the health of the fish. 

The smaller tank will get contaminated frequently and hamper the fish’s growth. Many hobbyists ask me a question, how many GloFish Tetra Can I put in a 10-gallon? Well, you should not keep more than 5 fish in a 10 Gallon tank. 

You will need a 15- or 20-Gallon tank to keep around 6-10 of them together. The bigger, the better. 

Water Parameters:

As you know by now, how important it is to maintain the water parameters and restrict any fluctuation. Without writing a long paragraph, let me just mention all the parameters in a chart. 

Check out the table to get the overall information on the water parameters for GloFish Danio and GloFish Tetra;

GloFish DanioGloFish Tetra
Temperature: 64 – 74 degrees Fahrenheit 68 – 79 Degrees Fahrenheit 
Breeding Temperature:72-82 Degrees Fahrenheit82 Degrees Fahrenheit 
pH: 6.5 – 7.25.8 – 8.5
General Hardness: 5 – 12 dGHUp to 18 dGH
Ammonia: 0 PPM0 PPM
Nitrate: 0 PPM0 PPM
Nitrite: Below 20 PPMBelow 20 PPM
Water Movement:WeakModerate
Swimming Region: Top and MiddleAll Level
Substrates:Sand, Gravel, Rock, Caves, PlantsDark Sand, River gravel, Caves, Driftwoods, Tall Plants 


GloFish Danio Color

The available colors for GloFish Danios are

  1. Cosmic Blue
  2. Electric Green
  3. Galactic Purple
  4. Starfire Red
  5. Sunburst Orange

GloFish Tetra Color

Both Tetra and Long Fin Tetras are available in the same sets of colors which include; 

  1. Electric Green
  2. Starfire Red
  3. Sunburst Orange
  4. Electric Green
  5. Galactic Purple
  6. Cosmic blue
  7. Moonrise pink

Let me mention that both Long Fin Tetra and regular GloFish Tetras are available in these seven colors. 

Ideal Tank Mates:

You know the tank mates should be chosen very carefully. A bad mistake can kill your precious fish. Check out the lists provided below and make your decision wisely. 

GloFish Danio Tank Mates:

The list of Ideal Tank Mates for GloFish Danio;

  1. Harlequin Rasbora
  2. Zebra Danio
  3. Dwarf Gourami 
  4. Swordtail
  5. Cory Catfish
  6. Guppies
  7. Rainbowfish
  8. Plecos 
  9. Platies
  10. Tetras

GloFish Tetra Tank Mate:

The list of Ideal Tank Mates for GloFish Tetra;

  1. Harlequin Rasbora
  2. Honey Gourami
  3. Ghost Shrimp
  4. Swordtails
  5. Guppies
  6. Cory Catfish
  7. Neon Tetra
  8. Cardinal Tetra
  9. Dwarf Cichlids
  10. Plecos
  11. Rasboras

You will note both the lists have a few common names, which you can keep together in a tank holding both GloFish Danio and GloFish Tetra.

As a side note, I have kept Glofish Tetras and Cherry Shrimps in the same tank. To know how that went, check out my recent article on, Do GloFish Eat Shrimp? Here’s The Truth


GloFish Danio Proper Diet

GloFish Danios are omnivores, and they are not as picky as other fish when it comes to food. The popular staple for them is flake or pellets. You can also feed brine shrimp, bloodworm, daphnia, and other protein-rich food. 

You can also feed them frozen food and vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, and zucchini. Provide food twice or thrice a day. 

The food quantity should be finished within three to five minutes; you can remove the leftover food after three to five minutes.

GloFish Tetra Proper Diet

GloFish Tetras are also omnivorous, and they appreciate an entomophagous diet. Just like GloFish Danio, they are not so picky with food.

They will eat pellets, flakes, daphnia, Brine Shrimp, and many staple foods. They would also prefer frozen food along with veggies. They will also eat insects like crickets. 

The quantity of food that can be finished within 2-3 minutes can be given twice a day to maintain a proper diet. Try to maintain a proper diet that contains all types of food. Always avoid overfeeding.

Feeding High quality balanced diet is important for proper growth and coloration of these fishes. Check out our recommended food for both Glofish Danio & Tetra by clicking here.

Can GloFish Tetras Live With Danios?

Both GloFish Tetras and Danios are peaceful and social creatures. They love to stay in a group in harmony. They can live together in a tank.

However, you need to understand that GloFish Danio is cool water fish, whereas GloFish Tetra needs warm water. So, it would help if you balanced the temperature that suits both their needs. 

Do not let the chance of getting your fish all stressed out, or they can get aggressive and attack each other. Take a large and spacious tank to keep them together. 

You do not need to worry about their food as they eat almost the same food. The tank can be filled with similar substrates, which will fit both fishes. 

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Do GloFish Get Along With Tetras?

Tetras are peaceful and great tank mates; any other non-aggressive fish will be able to live with GloFish Tetras. The aggressive GloFish bettas and Sharks will not be suitable tank mates for GloFish Tetras. 

Do GloFish Tetras Fight?

Usually, GloFish Tetra will not fight as they are peaceful in nature. But if the environment gets undesirable or does not get enough food, they might get all stressed out and aggressive towards other fish. 

They might also fight with the other male fish if the female and male ratio is not equal. The Long Fin Tetras have the tendency to fin-nip other fish without any reason.

Final Thoughts:

There are only a few differences between GloFish Tetras and GloFish Danio. Apart from their look, their sizes are also different. You will also see there are two types of GloFish Tetras, one the regular Tetra and the other the Long Fin Tetra.

The price of these fishes also has slight differences. Having said that, they have a lot in common as well. For example, they can live in the same food and with the same substrates in the tank.

They are compatible, and even the GloFish company itself suggests that GloFish Tetra and GloFish Danio can live together. [Source]

Thanks for reading! If you have a minute, check out my article, Can Glofish Live With Other Fish?

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