Do GloFish Need Blue Light? Here’s The Truth

GloFishes are popular for their fluorescent characteristics. They not only absorb the light but also emit light under different circumstances. Many people wonder about the use of blue and black light and question their importance on GloFish life. 

So, Do GloFish Need Blue Light? GloFish does not require any type of blue light for survival. Also, they don’t glow under blue light as well. However, glofish needs at least eight hours of natural light like any kind of aquarium fish.

In this article, I will mention the importance of Blue light and how it can affect the fish in the tank. Moreover, I will also be mentioning various light requirements regarding GloFish. Lastly, I will be mentioning the way to make the GloFish glow. 

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Do GloFish Need Blue Light To Survive?

GloFish requires Actinic lighting with the color temperature ranging from 5000 to 6500 Kelvins. GloFish needs light with high color temperatures. Actinic Light indicates the blue light.

In case you are wondering, what is Color Temperature? Color temperature indicates how naked eyes visualize the light from the bulb. Each type of light has an exact color temperature ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 Kelvins. 

And yes, the color temperature is measured in Kelvins. The light above 4500 Kelvins is considered as a high color temperature. 

Let me now describe to you, What is Actinic Lighting? The component of sunlight that is able to penetrate water is referred to as Actinic light. Most Actinic lights are blue light, and they can show very little red emission on the color spectrum. 

GloFish requires Actinic Light, mainly the blue light with high color temperature ranging from 5000 to 6500 Kelvins. They also help to reduce the stress on the fish. 

Blue light can set the direction for the fish to understand the day-night difference. 

You need to keep the fish under the light for a certain period of time; recommended for at least 8 hours a day

However, you cannot keep the lights on all the time. Make sure to turn it off before going to bed. 

The experts suggest that you need to give about 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness to the GloFish to keep them in the ideal situation. 

The light will help them regulate their food and sleep patterns while keeping them healthy. In addition to that, blue lights enhance the fluorescence quality of the GloFish up to a certain level.

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Will Blue Light Make GloFish Glow?

The short answer is no. The blue light cannot make the GloFish glow. However, the light rays absorbed from the blue light can be absorbed by the GloFish, which can further help them with the Fluoresce process.

Nonetheless, it is the Black Light that can make the GloFish glow. Unlike other fish, GloFish is not colored or dyed in the lab. They are actually genetically developed by restructuring the DNA. 

GloFish has the inherited fluorescent protein gene that gives them amazing fluorescence ability. You will need to keep the fish under the blue to UV range in order to make them glow. 

It is mostly Black light that has UV light and little amount of visible light to make the GloFish glow. The GloFish will not absorb light or emit light unless the light illuminates UV light.  

What Light Do I Need For GloFish?

The recommended light arrangement for GloFish is blue light with a bit touch of white light. Deep blue LED lights and Blacklight can bring out the vibrant neon color of the GloFish. 

Also, some experts believe that blue light helps to bring calmness and lessen the fish’s stress level. 

The blue light simply mimics the authentic moonlight effect and makes the environment smooth. For the daytime, I would suggest you use the blue lights.

However, nothing can beat the way black light nourishes the fluorescent capability of the GloFish for nighttime viewing. Therefore, you can use black light during the nighttime. 

Check out my recommended aquarium light for your GloFish by clicking here. It comes with four lighting moods and has white, blue, and black colors featured.

How Do You Make GloFish Glow?

In order to make your favorite GloFish glow, you need to follow a few steps that are pretty straightforward to execute. 

Step-by-step process to make the GloFish glow;

Step 1: Choose A Dark Area

You need to have a place with little or no light entry. It is because the GloFish can glow only in the darkness. 

If the room you have in the aquarium is a room that can be turned dark just by turning off the lights, I do not recommend you to shift the places, and you can do the experiment here. 

Step 2: Transfer The Fish In That Area

If your room with the aquarium can be turned dark, this part can be skipped. 

If not, then carefully take the fish in another moveable container. Of course, you need to fill it with an adequate amount of water. Then, shift it to the desired area. 

Step 3: Get Some Black Light

Now it is time to get the Black Light. Well, if you do not have the black light within your reach. You can check out the recommended one just by clicking here. 

Step 4: The Final Execution

Now that you have spotted a dark area, gathered fish, and arranged the black light, it is time to see the magic. 

Now just plug in the black light and hold it closer to the fish and experience the magic all by yourself. 

If you already have the aquarium situated in a dark area, you can add a light to the aquarium, which will illuminate black light and other light, and then you can enjoy such a beautiful view every night.

Do GloFish Need Light At Night?

It is not recommended to leave the lights on at night. Undoubtedly, GloFish requires light just like any other fish and also for the fluorescent feature. They also need to be kept in the dark so that their food intake and sleep time go in the perfect cycle.  

Do GloFish Need Light To Survive?

Light is not necessary for any fish; GloFish is not an exception. But the presence of light and the absence of light help the fish to understand the regular cycle. It further helps to manage their food and sleep cycle.

However, GloFish needs light for another reason as well, which is related to its fluorescent feature. They need to absorb light in order to emit light. It is recommended to provide 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness in order to balance the biological clock. 

When Should I Use Blue Aquarium Light?

Blue light is a strong indication of calmness and harmony. It also reduces the stress level of the fish. Compared to other colors, the Blue color can do a great job of calming your GloFish.

The blue light helps the fish look brighter and make the overall environment suitable for night view. 

Final Thoughts:

In summary: Glofish don’t need blue light to stay alive or glow in the dark. However, blue light helps to bring calmness and lessens the fish’s stress level. So, having blue light is good for glofish.

When it comes to nighttime, although no light is required for GloFish at night, the black light can make the GloFish bright beautifully. But when it comes to daytime lighting requirements, Blue light is the best option.

Blue light is one that assures calmness and helps the fish reduce stress while maintaining harmony within the aquarium. Make sure to provide a maximum of 12 hours of light and the same amount of dark environment to your GloFish.

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