Do GloFish Eat Shrimp? Here’s The Truth

GloFish and Shrimp are beautiful creatures, and everyone prefers to keep them in their aquarium. The colors they add to the tank are mesmerizing. Just by adding adequate plants, you can simply decorate the overall tank. 

But a question can arise if we really put GloFish and Shrimp together. Do GloFish eat Shrimp?

Some types of GloFish will eat shrimps while others can be compatible with Shrimps. Some of the aggressive glofishes like bettas and sharks might eat the Shrimp; if adequate hiding space for Shrimps is not provided, choose the tank mates properly.  

This article will help you understand the food habits of GloFish. Further, you will get information regarding the Shrimps and GloFish living together, and what kind of environment and things you should take care of.   

Are GloFish And Shrimp Compatible?

Shrimp does not go along with aggressive fishes, as there remain the chances that the big aggressive fish might eat them up. They need to be friendly and small-sized.

Types of GloFish:

  1. Bettas
  2. Tetras (Black skirt Tetra, white skirt tetra)
  3. Long Fin Tetras (Black skirt Tetra, white skirt tetra)
  4. Zebra Danios
  5. Barbs
  6. Sharks

Suppose you are wondering if GloFish will eat the Shrimp or not.

Not all types of GloFish will eat the beautiful shrimps but a few aggressive glofishes will eat shrimps such as Betta, Tiger Barb and Shark GloFish. 

Glo Fishes such as Zebra Danios and Tetras are the best choices to keep with Shrimp. Rainbow Tetras can be pretty aggressive and might cause harm to the shrimps.

Nonetheless, I would recommend you to keep some hiding spots for your shrimps so that they can stay hidden when required. 

Shrimps are Compitable with the Following GloFishes:

  • Tetras (Black skirt Tetra, white skirt tetra)
  • Long Fin Tetras (Black skirt Tetra, white skirt tetra)
  • Zebra Danios

Shrimps are NOT Compitable with the Following GloFishes:

  • Bettas
  • Barbs
  • Sharks

The compatibility of GloFish and Shrimp depends on a few factors. For example, you set the water parameters at a similar level. The temperature can be kept between 72 – 80 °F and the pH level between 6.5 to 7. 

You can keep the lighting at a normal level. GloFish and Shrimp can be kept with various aqua plants, sand, marbles, and gravel as substrates. Hang on tank filter will be suitable for both the fishes. 

The list of things you need to know to understand the compatibility of GloFish and Shrimp;

Tank SetupGloFishShrimp
Tank Size (min. to the max.)10 Gallons or above20 – 40 Gallons
Tank Shape & LengthHexagonal & less than 35 inchesAny 
Tank SetupPlantsPlants
pH Level6.0 – 7.5 pH6.8 – 7.5 pH
KH:1 – 2 dKH 1 – 4 dKH
GH<10 dGH 6 – 8 dGH
Water Temperature72 – 82 °F70 – 80 °F
Filter TypeOutside filters or Hang on tank Filter Sponge or Hang on Back Filter
LightingRegular lighting (or Blue Lights)Regular Lighting 
Substrates Sand, Marble and GravelSand, Gravel, and Baked Clay

As a side note, if you want to keep glofish and shrimps healthy, make sure to accurately monitor water parameters (pH, gH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate) in freshwater fish tank. Check out our recommended water test kit on Amazon by clicking here.

Some Useful Tips To Take Care Of GloFish And Shrimp:

Let me list down some of the important tips you need to know about keeping GloFish and Shrimp together;

  1. If there are any aggressive species of glofishes, do not keep them in the same tank that contains shrimps.
  2. The Ghost Shrimps should be kept separately as they can attract fish when they are asleep. 
  3. Both GloFish and Shrimps can be in danger if kept with aggressive fishes, so try to avoid that. 
  4. They both are sensitive to temperature; if the water is too hot, the fish can die. You can check the temperature regularly by using an aquarium heater 
  5. The water parameters should also be maintained in order to keep them safe and provide a healthy breeding environment. 
  6. Adequate amount of aqua plants should be installed for a better environment.

As a side note, if you want to take care of your glofish easily, you may find this article on ‘glofish care’ helpful.

What Kind Of Food Do GloFish Eat?

Glofish eats everything that normal fishes do. They love to eat live foods like brine shrimps, bloodworms and as well as fish pellets and flakes.

GloFish should be provided with a balanced diet of live food. They mostly prefer food which is enhanced with various colors. However, avoid overfeeding them and maintain the water parameter for providing a better growing atmosphere. 

Each type of food should be provided for a certain time and a certain amount for maintaining the proper diet. You can give a staple and varied fish diet which should be maintained throughout the years. 

Let me provide you with the list of food suitable for GloFish;

Type of Food for GloFishStable Dietary ChartConsumption Level
Bloodworm (Live or Freeze Dried)Thrice a week¼ tsp of a live Bloodworm and a small pinch of freeze dried
PelletsThrice a week2 mini pellets per GloFish
Other supplement foods or VegetablesTwice per weekThe amount that can be consumed in 90 second
Brine ShrimpOnce a weekOne per GloFish
Flake FoodTwice a dayThe amount to be consumed in 100 second
Frozen Foods or Freshwater FishesTwice a dayFinished within 120 seconds

Also, there are special foods available in the market for glofish that makes their colors brighter. Check out my recommended food for glofish on Amazon by clicking here.

So, Can GloFish Live With Shrimp?

Yes, undoubtedly, some species of GloFish can live with Shrimp. Shrimps are compatible with glofishes like zebra danios, tetras. These glofish and shrimp thrive under similar water conditions.

Moreover, they can be fed similar kinds of food and placed on a tank with friendly substrates. Overall, the environment can be set in a certain way that will suit both their needs. 

However, there are certain species of glofishes (betta, sharks) which are not compatible with shrimps for their aggressive nature.

Will GloFish Eat Cherry Shrimp?

Cherry Shrimps can be food for many fish; as a result, many fish lovers use them as a source of food for other fish. Some people use predators like GloFish in order to maintain the overall number of Cherry Shrimp in the tank. 

What Fish Eat Shrimp In A Tank?

To be honest, almost any fish that can fit Shrimp in their mouth can eat Shrimp. They fall in the food chain of various fish. 

Fish like Goldfish, Cichlids, Gourami, Angelfish, and Betta can be dangerous for Shrimps, as even though there remains food in the tank, they might go after Shrimp. 

Can Glofish Eat Tropical Fish Food?

GloFish is considered a tropical fish and is most likely to die in a non-tropical environment. Just like any other tropical fish, they can eat tropical fish foods like flake food and many more. 

Can GloFish Eat Vegetables?

Yes, you can surely feed your GloFish some vegetables thrice in a week. You can either give them cooked vegetables like peas, cauliflower, pumpkin, or carrots. On the other hand, you can give them uncooked veggies like lettuce, zucchini, spinach, or cucumber. 

Do GloFish Eat Bloodworms?

Undoubtedly, your GloFish can eat Bloodworm Live or Freeze Dried. You can provide Bloodworm

thrice a week. If you are worried about the quantity, let me tell you you can give ¼ tsp of live with a small pinch of freeze dried Bloodworm. 

Final Thoughts:

GloFish and Shrimp can be found in various types, and they might require a different atmosphere to live in as they can be harmful towards each other. 

Most types of peaceful GloFish and Shrimps can be compatible with each other. They can stay in the water with similar parameters and have the same kind of substrates.

A few kinds of GloFish should be kept away from Shrimp. Then again, Ghost Shrimps should be kept in a separate tank than GloFish. 

Make sure to keep the tank clean and water parameters supervised in order to ensure a suitable environment.

Thanks for reading this article! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. Also, if you have a minute, check out my recent article on, Do GloFish Attack Each Other?

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