Do GloFish Attack Each Other? Everything You Need To Know

GloFish is very attractive and a good choice for your aquarium. However, many people have complained GloFish is aggressive and can attack the other fish in the tank. This might cause you a lot, as much expensive fish might get attracted by the GloFish. 

So, Do GloFish Attack Each Other? There are a few categories of GloFish that tend to attack the other GloFish from the same or other species. Nonetheless, you will find some peaceful GloFish, like Tetras and Danio. Therefore, the attacking tendency highly depends on the species of the GloFish you have in the tank. 

In this article, I will be explaining all the information relating to the aggressive and non-aggressive GloFishes. I will also familiarize you with different types of GloFish and their behavior. 

Lastly, we will go deeper and understand the cause that initiates the attacking process of GloFish. 

So, why the wait? Just dig in. 

Can GloFish Be Aggressive?

To be honest, it completely depends on the type of GloFish you have on the tank. A few types of GloFish tend to attack the other GloFish, even the same types. 

For instance, when you keep GloFish Betta along with other GloFish, it is most likely to attack other Bettas or other GloFish. 

Then again, GloFish Tetras or Danio will live peacefully in the tank without attacking others or their own species. They are peace-loving.

As a result, you need to know about the species and their characteristics first before keeping them in the tank.

Moreover, when they feel suffocated in a small area or sometimes when they feel there are too few or too many of the same kind of species in the tank, they can get all stressed out and attack each other. 

What Can Cause GloFish To Attack Each Other?

There are six different types of GloFish available which further has 12 other fish lines. GloFish are mainly genetically developed from regular species. Sometimes they can carry the genetic feature from their origin, whereas some grab new features. 

The existing types of GloFish include:

  1. Bettas
  2. Tetras 
  3. Long Fin Tetras (Black Skirt Tetra, White Skirt Tetra)
  4. Danios
  5. Barbs
  6. Sharks

Although all types of GloFish are non-aggressive except GloFish Betta, research says they will not attack each other without any definite reason. 

Then again, GloFish Danios or Zebras can also be aggressive if they are kept in smaller numbers.

It is to be told that when they feel stressed for some reason, they are most likely to feel aggressive and attack other fishes, maybe some of their own kind.

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So, now let us discover the reasons why GloFish feel aggressive and attack their own kind. My suggestion will be to take the necessary steps to eradicate those problems.

Why Does GloFish Attack Each Other?

In this part of the article, I will be sharing all the reasons that might cause GloFish to attack each other. There is nothing to worry about; I will also share a few tips that can help minimize the problem or completely eradicate it. 

1. Congested With Fish

Sometimes the tank can get overpopulated with fish, and tha tank size might not be big enough to hold such a large number of fish. This can make the existing fish all stressed out and end up attacking each other. 

Always remember every fish needs to be put in an ideal size tank, and the fish number should be within a range that helps them move freely. 

Do adequate research before putting your preferred fish in the same tank. 

2. Lack Of Food

The fish should be provided with an adequate amount of food at the proper time. It would help if you also make sure the fish in your tank gets the appropriate amount of food.  

For instance, a few fishes eat food from the upper level of the water column. Then again, you cannot keep all the food on the top of the tank, as they might eat it all at once.

You need to make sure you are dropping enough food for the present fishes in the tank and make sure to leave some for the lower region fishes. 

Some GloFishes can be pretty aggressive and take in all the food at once without sharing them with the tank mates. Or else they can get aggressive and attack each other. 

Ensure the GloFish has enough food by maintaining a proper dietary chart and strictly following them. 

3. Not The Right Type Of GloFish

GloFish, like Tetras and Danios, is a gentle fish. They are non-aggressive and tend to live all by themselves without hampering others. 

Then comes the GloFish Bettas, who tend to attack other species. Betta Fish even thrive in their own kind.

If you want to check, just add two Betta fish in a tank; they will go after one another. They will hardly avoid attacking each other. 

But when you put other types of GloFishes, you need to keep at least 3 to 5 from each species to make a proper balance. It will keep their stress level low and keep them in the friendly environment required.

That is, you need to make sure the tank mates are not harmful to each other, and there remains harmony between themselves.  

4. Male And Female Unbalanced

The number of male and female fish should be properly proportioned. If there remains an uneven number of male or female tanks, the male fish will try to attack the other ones.

The male GloFish tends to fight and win over the female one. The male GloFish will also defend the particular territories that the female ones prefer. 

The aggressive behavior can worsen if no female fish remains in the tank. As a result, experts suggest keeping more female GloFish than male ones in order to maintain the balance.  

5. Water Parameters Not Sustained 

Water parameters should be maintained no matter what the situation is. Each type of GloFish might require a different level of water parameters. 

When the parameters are not sustained, it can cause stress to the fish, and they might end up hurting each other. 

Use the proper kits like an aquarium heater to balance the temperature and an API testing kit to measure the pH level regularly.

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6. Getting Sick

If a fish is placed in a new tank or kept in an unfamiliar condition, then the GloFish can get sick and stressed out, which can alleviate aggressiveness among the fish.

You need to keep them under your complete observation so that you can spot the fish beforehand and stop any kind of bad occurring. 

Is It Normal For GloFish To Chase Each Other?

GloFish can chase each other for two different reasons, and one is for mating purposes or for expressing aggression. You need to follow their behavior to understand the intention. 

If it is for mating purposes, you have got nothing to worry about. But when it is to attack the other mates, you might need to take the necessary steps. 

How Do You Deal With Aggressive GloFish?

In order to deal with the aggressive GloFish, you need to separate it from the tank first. Then you need to rearrange the overall aquarium set by providing various hiding spots for the other fish. 

Is GloFish Danio Aggressive?

GloFish Danio is not usually aggressive, but when there is a food shortage or the number of their own species is lower, then they can get a little aggressive and attack other fish. 

Are GloFish Bettas Aggressive?

GloFish Betta is the most aggressive one. They even attack their own kind, most of the time without any reason. 

If you keep two GloFish Betta together, you will see them fighting more often. That is why it is suggested to keep Bettas in their own separate tank. 

Do GloFish Tetras Fight Each Other?

GloFish Tetras do not usually fight with each other. They are very calm in nature. But if there is a mate shortage, that is, female tetras are less than the male tetras, and then they might go into a fight.

Moreover, they can fight over territories or food as well. Therefore, keeping the balance is a must. 

Final Thoughts:

GloFish are beautiful small little creatures. They will enhance the overall beauty of your aquarium.

The saddling part is that they can get aggressive and attack each other, even their own kind. Nonetheless, not all kinds of GloFish are the same. Some of them are very calm and love harmony.

However, due to various reasons, they all can also get aggressive. For example, if the food is limited, if the number of male fish exceeds the number of female fish, or if the GloFish are stressed.

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