Do Cherry Shrimp Eat Snails? Here’s The Truth

A few months back, when I introduced snails in my shrimp tank, I had this question on my mind,  what if my cherry shrimp will eat the snails. I have kept cherry shrimp and snails together for several months now. Let me share my experience with you.

Cherry shrimp do not eat snails that are alive. Cherry shrimps are scavengers. They feed on leftover foods, dead plants, and animal remains. So, if they come across any dead snails, they might consume them.

In this article, I’ll go over a few possible causes for your snails’ disappearance, as well as why cherry shrimp are unlikely to be to blame for it. Also, I will discuss which snails are good for your shrimp tank and which snail to avoid. Moreover, I will also provide some tips to control the snail population in your shrimp tank. So, keep reading.

What Do Cherry Shrimp Eat?

Cherry shrimp are omnivores, meaning they eat everything. Because they eat both meat and plant stuff, feeding them isn’t a problem.

Here are the following things that cherry shrimp would eat:

  • Prepared Food: From fish flakes and pellets to algae wafers, they’ll take it all. Shrimp will also consume prepared feeds such as shrimp pellets, algae wafers, and fish flakes.
  • Scavenge on Leftovers: They don’t like to eat particular foods because of their preferences, but they are far from fussy eaters and will spend a lot of time exploring your tank for small bits of everything.
  • Algae: They’ll spend most of their day picking at algae, rocks, and slime for small bits of their favorite food:  Microorganisms and Bacteria. 
  • Plant Remains: If you have a planted aquarium and some of your plants begin to die or a leaf or two begins to degrade, your shrimp will be assigned to the cleanup staff and will eat away until everything is gone.

It’s no surprise, then, that people have reported cherry shrimp jumping onto their snails and attacking them. A shrimp can enjoy a snail’s slime coat as a tasty treat.

Can Cherry Shrimp Eat Snails?

You can have peace of mind because cherry shrimp will not attack an alive and healthy snail.

They prefer to eat dead or rotting stuff, prefer plant matter to animal matter in general. 

A snail carcass that is decomposing in its shell, on the other hand, can be a feast for all of the living creatures in your tank (not just your cherry shrimp).  

Cherry shrimps will eat dead snails, as well as the germs that grow on the decaying carcass, as they would any other food. Because shrimp aren’t picky eaters, they make a great clean-up crew.

Do Cherry Shrimp and Snail Attack One Another?

Cherry shrimp and Snails do not attack each other because they are both gentle creatures. Regardless of whether their neighbors are fish or snails, cherry shrimp do not have a reputation for attacking them.

Snails are similar. The creatures, at the end of the day, lack the tools necessary to assault and kill healthy shrimp. In that sense, the chances of a cherry shrimp bullying, much less eating a healthy snail, are quite slim.

Why Should You Put Snails In Your Cherry Shrimp Tank?

Some people are confused as to why anyone would add snails (also algae eaters) to a shrimp tank because shrimp eat algae. 

You should add snails in your shrimp tank for the following reasons:

1. Helps With Tank Cycling:

It appears to be redundant. Snails, on the other hand, can help a tank with shrimp. Snails are ideal for cycling and recycling tanks.

Shrimp are delicate organisms that may die in the newly cycled tank’s disturbed environment. If you want to give your tank time to establish itself but don’t want to add fish, snails are the ideal option.

2. Helps To Grow Beneficial Bacteria in the Tank:

They’ll generate the waste that your tank requires to keep beneficial bacteria alive. Even if the ammonia levels rise to harmful levels, most aquarists are indifferent to losing a few snails. 

They are relatively easy to obtain and multiply at a reasonable rate. Snails will also help to keep the tank clean by consuming leftovers and other forms of rotting organic materials.

Best Snails for Shrimp Tank:

1. Apple Snail: 

This snail is also known as the “Infusoria Snail” or the “Mystery Snail.” It will consume algae, lettuce, spinach, and leftover fish food in exchange for infusoria. However, some countries make it illegal to sell apple snails.

2. Columbian / Giant Ramshorn Snail: 

They are substantially larger than typical ramshorn snails and produce infusoria, hence the name. They are very quiet, however, they will consume a large number of plant materials, preying on anything “green” in the tank.

3. Rabbit Snail: 

This snail is quite active for a snail! It’s a calm but curious variety that can be seen at any time of day. Get your hands on this snail and wait for one of your shrimps to ride it if you’re seeking some fun.

4. Red Racer Nerite Snail: 

Another amusing snail, with the word “racer” in its name! How cool is that! The coloring and patterns in these snails’ shells are their most appealing feature. 


How do I Get Rid of Snails in My Shrimp Tank?

If you are experiencing, a snail population explosion in your shrimp tank then follow the following steps::

Step 1 – Blanch a Piece of Zucchini:

Boil a piece of cucumber or zucchini for 5 minutes and then leave it at the bottom of the tank.

Step 2 – Separate Other Organisms First: 

If it is possible remove other fishes and invertebrates from the tank first. Keep them in a separate tank temporarily. Trust me, this will make things easier.

Step 3 – Drop the Piece of Zucchini in The Tank:

Drop the piece of zucchini inside the tank and wait for the snails to notice it. It might take a long time if your tank is very big.

Step 4 – Remove Them Physically:

Now, you will see that all the snails will gather in a single place to eat. It is time to grab them and remove them using your hand physically.

There are also snail traps that you can use. But the method I told you about is very simple and works for me.

Related Questions:

Do Amano Shrimp Eat Snails?

Amano shrimp can eat dead fish and snails as part of their diet. But it has to be dead.

Amano shrimps are also scavengers like other shrimps. They won’t attack or kill snails to eat them. But when snails are dead, all the Amano shrimp will scavenge on the dead snail.

Do Ghost Shrimp Eat Snails?

Yes, the ghost shrimps can also try to eat the decaying snails if they are dead. Like amano and cherry shrimp, ghost shrimp won’t eat or kill live snails.

Do Snails Eat Shrimp Poop?

Snails are known to be scavengers. They will spend the majority of their time-consuming anything that has fallen to the bottom of your tank or in the wild but they won’t eat fish or shrimp poop.

Can Mystery Snails Live With Cherry Shrimp?

Yes, mystery snails can peacefully live with cherry shrimps. Except for assassin snails, cherry shrimp can live with most types of snails.

Mystery snails are absolutely fine to live with cherry shrimp, they won’t eat away the company. And when it comes to compatibility, they’re quite ornamental.

Sifatul Shohan

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