Do Angelfish Eat Other Fish? (Explained)

Angelfish are such beautiful fish that can enhance the overall beauty of your tank. Angelfish belong to the Cichlid family. But does this mean they are aggressive and make it hard to keep them with other fish? 

Do Angelfish Eat Other Fish? Angelfish are not aggressive in nature but will try to defend themselves if attacked. Moreover, when there are smaller fish than Angelfish in the tank, the Angelfish fish might eat them up. However, they hardly attack other fish. 

In this article, you will get to know about the temperamental of Angelfish and how they behave in the presence of other fishes. You will also get to know if they tend to attack other fish or eat them up. 

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Will Angelfish Kill Other Fish?

Being a Cichlids, it is pretty common for Angelfish to show a bit of aggression. Being an aggressive species, they can even attack other fishes and fight for territorial issues. 

Then again, when kept in smaller tanks, Angelfish can become stressed and attack fish from their own species as well.

The frequent water change can also affect the aggressive nature of the Angelfish. Let me tell you, and the water change might make the fish re-establish their territorial position and initiate the smoke of the aggression.

When an aggressive fish attacks Angelfish, it will not stay behind just like Newton’s third law; it will also have the same action towards that aggressive fish. The improper food might lead to stress and eventually make them aggressive. 

You will need to take proper care, choose the tank mates wisely, and make sure the tank has a proper aquatic environment so that the Angelfish stay peacefully without attacking other fish. 

Angelfish will not kill other fish but they might get stressed and aggressive for the following reasons:

  • Smaller tank size
  • Frequent water change, incompatible water temperature 
  • Improper diet
  • Presence of bully fish

Do Angelfish Eat Live Fish?

Live foods can be the best food for the Angelfish. It is pretty common for Angelfish to eat small fish present in the tank. 

However, as a sign of aggression or starving, Angelfish might also eat smaller fishes in the tank such as neon tetras, guppies, etc. 

They also have the tendency to fight over territory and female Angelfish. As a result, if things do not go according to their need, they might get aggressive and attack other fish. 

Being omnivorous, they will eat the fish present in the tank. But let me tell you, eating small fish is absolutely normal for Angelfish. The problem is when they attack or eat the bigger fish. It only highlights the aggressive nature. 

For example, the Long Fin Tetras tend to nip other fish in the tank, which might excite the Angelfish, and they might end up attacking each other. Being omnivorous, Angelfish might eat them up.

What Fish Can You Keep With Angelfish?

In order to be extremely careful, you need to choose the appropriate tank mates for the Angelfish as a single mistake might make you lose your favorite fish. 

You need to choose the compatible tank mates after proper research. Anyway, let me help you by providing a list of 10 ideal tank mates for your Angelfish;

  1. Corydoras Catfish
  2. Dwarf Gourami
  3. Platies
  4. Lemon Tetras
  5. Zebra Danios
  6. Swordtails
  7. Molly Fish
  8. Aquarium Snails
  9. Boesemani Rainbow Fish

What Fish Cannot You Keep With Angelfish?

As you know about the list of ideal tank mates, you might want to try out different fish to check their compatibility. In this part, I will provide the list of five fishes that you should avoid keeping in the same tank as Angelfish. 

The List of 6 fish you should not keep with Angelfish;

  1. Shrimp
  2. Small Tetras (Cardinal Tetra, Neon Tetra, Ember Tetra, etc.)
  3. Oscars
  4. Tiger Barbs
  5. Long Fin Tetras
  6. Bettas
  7. Very small or big/ aggressive fishes

Will Angelfish Eat Other Angelfish Fry?

By nature, Angelfish are dedicated parents. They are devoted to their eggs and fry. Angelfish will protect their eggs and fry till the end.

However, they tend to eat their fry, but there are reasons present. Firstly, they might want to get rid of the damaged ones. Then again, insufficient food and energy might be another reason for eating their fries. 

When Angelfish are stressed, they might eat all the eggs and fries present in the tank. So, it would help if you made a homely environment for the fish to grow so that they stay stress-free. 

What Do Angelfish Eat?

Angelfish are omnivorous. Angelfish tends to move towards the lower surface of the water and eat the small crustaceans and worms from there.

They also eat flakes; color flakes, Aqueon Tropical Flacks, tropical granules, Shrimp Pellets, and many more. They also prefer frozen and live food. 

The best food for Angelfish is considered to be live food. They also tend to eat the smaller fish in the tank. It is suggested to rotate the diet and balance all kinds of foods properly. 

Why Is My Angelfish Attacking My Other Fish?

The main two reasons for the Angelfish to attack other fish are stress and being attacked by other fish. Then again, when there is a territorial issue with the other Angelfish or other species, then the Angelfish will surely attack. 

Angelfish needs to be placed in pairs, or else they might get aggressive and attack other male Angelfish. When they feel their territory is being attacked, they feel threatened and try to attack other fish. 

They can eat other fish if the proper amount of food is not supplied. You need to provide adequate food to your Angelfish regularly. You cannot give any scope for stress, as it can make them aggressive. 

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Can Angelfish Go With Goldfish?

Angelfish and Goldfish have different water requirements and being originated from separate areas, and they need different environments. That is why there is a huge difference in their water requirements. 

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Can I Put Guppies With Angelfish?

It is not recommended to put Angelfish and guppies together. Male Guppies are typically 1.5 to 3.5 cm long, and the female ones are almost 3 to 6 cm long. That is, they are very small fish when compared to Angelfish. 

Being aggressive in nature, Angelfish can easily eat the Guppies. Moreover, the water hardness for both the fish is different; the Guppies need soft water, whereas the Angelfish like a bit harder water. 

What Is The Lifespan Of An Angelfish?

Angelfish can live around 10 to 12 years with the proper care and support. Nevertheless, the care includes the right food at the right time with the right amount and maintaining the tank requirement. 

Do not forget the tank mates also play a great role in the overall development of the Angelfish. Moreover, the Angelfish need to be kept in a pair.  

Final Thought

When it comes to Angelfish, they can be both aggressive and non-aggressive depending on the various factor. They are omnivorous and they can eat animals and be aggressive, so you cannot be fully assured by keeping Angelfish with other fishes.   

The territorial issue can lead to the attack between two Angelfish or between an Angelfish and another fish. You need to choose the tank mate carefully. 

Never let the Angelfish get stressed as it can fuel the aggression. So, you need to provide adequate food care to fulfill the tank requirements. 

Sifatul Shohan

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