Can Glofish Tetras Live With Bettas?

Glofish Tetras are peace-loving creatures and love to live in harmony. On the other hand, Bettas can be aggressive and real trouble-makers. Many hobbyists get scared of putting Bettas with the Glofish Tetras. But is there anything unusual when it comes to putting them together?

Can GloFish Tetras Live with Bettas? Yes, you can keep the GloFish Tetras and Bettas together without them harming each other. However, you need to make sure they live peacefully without any issues. Bettas can attack Glofish tetras if they feel their territory is threatened.

In this article, I will mention all the facts relating to the GloFish Tetras and Bettas so that you can understand if they are compatible with each other. Moreover, I will be sharing about the ideal tank mates of GloFish Tetras and Bettas. 

Are Glofish Tetras And Bettas Compatible? 

GoFish Tetras are generally peaceful fish that love to stay in harmony. They are not very fast swimmers. Moreover, they are no threat to Bettas. 

Bettas, on the flip side, are well-known for being aggressive. They might fight over territory or fight back if they are harmed. 

You will find your GloFish Tetras dwelling in the middle region of the tank, and the Bettas mostly prefer the top or middle part of the tank. 

You need to keep in mind that Bettas are carnivorous whereas GloFish Tetras are omnivorous.

Although the Long Fin Tetras can nip the Bettas, which can cause the Bettas to go after the Tetras, let me tell you, keep some hiding places in the tank. As the Tetras are faster, they can quickly hide there and get safe from the slow-moving Bettas. 

Therefore, GloFish Tetras can be kept along with GloFish Betta Fish in the same tank without harming each other. That is, GloFish Tetras and Bettas are compatible.

4 Reasons Why Can Glofish Tetras And Bettas Can Live Together

There are a few reasons which indicate GloFish Tetras and Bettas are compatible with each other. Let us go through them one by one. 

1. Difference In Swimming Speed

As you know, when Bettas get stressed or hyper, they can attack the GloFish Tetras. But the good news is the GoFish Tetras can move faster than the Bettas and move to the hiding spots without the Bettas noticing them. 

That is why experts suggest putting enough hiding space in the tank. 

2. Can Be Fed Almost Same Kind Of Food

GloFish Tetras and Bettas can be provided with the same food as Tetras are omnivorous and can eat Betta food. They can be fed flakes, frozen food, and pellets. 

However, you need to remember Bettas are carnivorous, and they prefer to eat bloodworm or brine shrimp. On the opposite side, being omnivores, GloFish Tetras might crave protein-rich food. Check out our recommended fish foods for tetras and bettas by clicking here.

3. Temperaments Are Not So Similar

As it is always said, opposite attracts; Bettas, and Tetras having different temperaments make them suitable tankmates for each other.

Being aggressive, bettas can not live with other fishes which are aggressive as well.

Tetras prefer staying in harmony and can act like a submissive. They prefer to stay in their own region without entering into the others. 

Bettas can get aggressive and chase the Tetras for any reason. The reason might include unwanted nipping from the Tetras, capturing the Bettas territory, scarcity of food, and many more. 

Once the Bettas get aggressive, they can chase the Tetras and other species present in the tank. But being the calm creature, the GloFish Tetras will not create any disturbance for the Bettas and let them live peacefully. 

4. Similar Requirements For The Water Parameter

Both GloFish Betta and Tetras can be kept together in a tank by maintaining the same temperature and pH level. The temperature of the tank should be between 70 to 80 Degree Fahrenheit and the pH level between 6.0 to 7.5.

That is, you do not have to worry about the parameters as you can maintain them in the same environment.

Monitoring water parameters from time to time is mandatory to keep your fishes healthy. If you want to check the water parameters (pH, gH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate) of you fish tank, check out my recommended water testing kit on Amazon by clicking here.

What Tetras Can And Cannot Live With Bettas?

Yes, you guessed it right. Some GloFish Tetras are suitable to live with Bettas, and some are not recommended to live with the Bettas. 

List of Tetras that can live in and cannot tolerate the presence of Bettas;

What Tetras can live with Bettas?What Tetras can’t live with Bettas?
Ember TetrasCongo Tetras
Cardinal TetrasBloodfin Tetras
Black Neon TetrasSerpae Tetras
Neon TetrasRedeye Tetras
Rummy-Nose TetrasBleeding Heart Tetras
Diamond TetrasBlack Phantom Tetras

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Can Glofish Live With Male Bettas?

Male Bettas are popular for their long, flowing fin, but they can be aggressive. Male Bettas are best if kept alone as they do not prefer to stay in a group. 

They can chase other GloFish if the things do not go according to their need. Like if the female Bettas are less, or other fishes capture their territory. They might chase the other GloFish and attack other species. 

However, with proper measures are taken, a suitable arrangement can be made where Bettas and other GloFish are in the same tank. 

Can Glofish Live With Female Bettas?

To be honest, female Bettas are the opposite of male Bettas. Female Bettas can be kept both alone or in a group, and they can be peaceful to live with. 

They can not only go along with the Bettas family but also from other GloFish species. Moreover, they are pretty colorful creatures that can increase the aquarium’s overall beautification. 

Female Bettas can be a great addition to the tank. Female Bettas can live in harmony with other GloFish species. 

What Fish Can Live With Bettas

Bettas are aggressive; not all the fish can live with them in the same tank. Finding suitable tankmates for Glofish Betta can become hard. 

Let me provide you a list of 12 fish that can live with Bettas;

  1. Ember Tetras
  2. Guppies
  3. Dwarf Rasboras
  4. Endlers Livebearers
  5. Zebra Danios
  6. Neon Tetras
  7. Black Neon Tetras
  8. Otocinclus Catfish
  9. Redtail Sharks
  10. Glass Catfish
  11. Cherry Shrimp
  12. Assassin Snail

Can Betta Fish Live With Glofish Zebra Danios?

Bettas and Zebra Danios can live in the same tank as they require similar water conditions. Check the water conditions properly before keeping Betta and zebra danios together. Also, maintain the common water parameters for both fishes.

Moreover, Bettas and Danios can get aggressive while chasing food. Although they can survive with the same food chart, they might fight for food and harm each other.

Can Glofish Live With Other Fish?

GloFish can get along with other fishes. However, there are a few types of GloFish that are preferred to be kept alone because of their aggressive behavior. 

For example, GoFish Bettas and Sharks can be aggressive and attack other fish, which is why you might need to take measures when placed with other fish.

Then again, when you put fish with Danios, Tetras, Barbs, and other GloFish to make the tank more lively.

Recently, I have written a complete article on, Glofish living with other fish; describing perfect tankmates for your glofish. You may find this article helpful.

Final Thoughts:

Yes, you can keep technically glofish tetras with betta fish and in most cases it will work out just fine. However, not all fishes have the same personality. If your betta is too aggressive it will cause trouble.

Also, After keeping many glofish tetras, I have seen a few of them gets a little aggressive time to time. So, I don’t recommend keeping betta and glofish tetra in the same tank.

But if you really want to, then you can do it. But keep them under observation for several hours. If you notice any sign of aggression, then its better to keep them in separate tanks.

Thanks for reading! If you are wondering about breeding glofish, then check out my article on, Can Glofish Have Babies? (Explained)

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