Can Angelfish Live With Female Bettas? Everything You Need To Know

Angelfish and Bettas can both be aggressive in their own ways. You might have heard male Bettas are way more aggressive than Female Bettas. But does it make them an ideal tank mate of Angelfish? Or Can Angelfish Live With Female Bettas?

The short answer is No. Keeping Angelfish and Female Bettas together in the same tank is not recommended. It is because they will be aggressive and attack each other for territorial issues. 

It is true that Female Bettas are not as aggressive as male ones. Although Female Bettas are less-aggressive, trust me, they will still fight mostly with other aggressive fish. 

No, you do not have to get confused. I am here to help you understand.

In this article, you will get to know about the differences and similarities between Female Bettas and Angelfish. You will also get to know the reasons behind keeping Angelfish and Female Bettas separately. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and gather all the information regarding Female Bettas and Angelfish compatibility. 

Differences And Similarities Between Angelfish And Female Bettas

Let us begin with the notable differences between Angelfish and Female Bettas. It will provide you with an overview of Female Bettas and Angelfish so that you also get an overall idea about them. 

Check out the provided chart:

CategoriesAngelfishFemale Bettas
OriginSouth AmericaEurope, Africa, & Asia
Size3 – 4 inches2.25 inches
Care LevelEasyEasy 
TemperamentPeaceful but can show aggressionSemi-Aggressive
Food PreferencesHigh-protein, high-fiber foodsLive, frozen, or dried foods
Water Temperature78 – 84 Degrees Fahrenheit75 – 80 Degrees Fahrenheit
Water Hardness4 – 12 dGH5 – 35 dGH
pH Level6.8 – 7.86.8 – 7.8
Minimum Tank size20 Gallons 10 Gallons
Lifespan10 – 12 yearsUp to 3 years

As you can see, despite their physical changes, Female Bettas and Angelfish are somehow the same. The tank requirements and the food supplies are almost the same or can be provided the same one. 

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Angelfish Behavior 

Angelfish are magnificent, and the fins surely look like wings. However, they belong to the Cichlid family, which are commonly known as aggressive ones. Many recommend keeping them in separate tanks.

It is not that you will find Angelfish aggressive all the time. But when they find the aquatic environment unfamiliar, they will get stressed and attack other fish. They are fast eaters and love to stay in pairs. 

If they feel they are not getting enough food, they will become aggressive. When they feel the mates are being snatched by other fish, they will attack the other males. They will also attack other fish when they feel the territory is being captured by other fish. 

It would help if you also kept them stress-free by maintaining the proper water temperature or pH level. You cannot keep nippers with them, as nipping can make them aggressive. 

Female Betta Behavior

Bettas are extremely aggressive. Historically they are known as Siamese fighting fish. People used Betta fish for the fight, which was a popular sport among the royal people. 

Bettas can make their gills and fins flare, which can scare the other fish. They use this technique to intimidate other fish. 

Although you will find Female Bettas less aggressive, they will still attack other fish present in the same tank. They also have the tendency to nip other fish, which can kill the non-aggressive fish and make the aggressive ones attack back. 

They are also territorial, and if they feel threatened for their territory, they will not hesitate to attack other fish in the tank. 

Are Angelfish And Female Bettas Compatible?

To be honest, when it comes to checking the compatibility between Female Bettas and Angelfish, you will find them incompatible. You might think it is due to the differences between the water parameters needed for them or the tank requirements.

Some people find since their origins are different, they might need a separate food chart. But no, all these factors like food, tank, and water requirements of Female Bettas and Angelfish are almost the same. 

They are incompatible because they both are aggressive in nature and have the tendency to attack each other when things do not go as they want. The aggression of both these fish comes from territorial issues. 

Well, yes. If they feel other fish are capturing their territory, they will not delay attacking them. It is also true that female Bettas are not as aggressive as the Male ones. But when it comes to territorial issues, they will not sit tight.

On the contrary, Angelfish are mostly peaceful and stay in harmony. But if things do not go as they want as the temperature fluctuates, the food is adequately provided or when they think other fish are attacking their territory.

They will become aggressive and attack other fish; sometimes, they even attack their own kind. Such temperaments can be dangerous to other fish present in the tank. 

Due to the temperamental issues, you cannot keep your Female Bettas and Angelfish together in the same tank. Moreover, the nipping tendency of Female Bettas can be disturbing towards Angelfish.

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Yes, Female Bettas and Angelfish are not compatible, but you can always find suitable tank mates for them so that they can live peacefully in the tank. 

What Fish Can Live Peacefully With Angelfish?

There are numerous fish that will live peacefully with the Angelfish. 

Let me mention 12 Suitable Tank Mates for Angelfish;

  1. Swordtails
  2. Keyhole Cichlids
  3. Guppies
  4. Corydora Catfish
  5. Kuhli Loach
  6. Kribensis
  7. Platies
  8. Bristlenose Plecos
  9. Mollies
  10. Lemon Tetras
  11. Dwarf Gourami
  12. Praecox Rainbow Fish  

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What Fish Can Female Bettas Live With?

In order to keep your Female Bettas peacefully, you need to find some suitable tank mates. You have got nothing to worry about; I will be providing a list of a few ideal tank mates for Female Bettas.

Let me mention 12 Suitable Tank Mates for Female Bettas;

  1. Guppies
  2. Zebra Danio
  3. Shrimp
  4. Snails
  5. Neon Tetras
  6. Glass Catfish
  7. African Dwarf Frogs
  8. Dwarf Loach
  9. Rasboras
  10. Platies
  11. Mollies
  12. Pygmy Corydoras

Related Questions:

Can Two Female Bettas Be In The Same Tank?

Yes, unlike Male Bettas, Female Bettas are compatible with each other. You can keep 5 to 6 Female Bettas together in a tank. They are not as aggressive as the Male Betta Fish, so they will not attack each other.

Can I Keep Female Betta Alone?

Female Bettas can live both alone and in a sorority. Well, sorority refers to a group of Female Bettas. However, instead of keeping them alone, you need to keep them in groups of 5 to 6 fish. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Betta Fish, you will hardly find them staying peacefully. They are aggressive and will most likely attack other fish. But when it comes to Angelfish, they are mostly peaceful but will get stressed easily and attack other fish. 

Yes, it is often said that Female Bettas are less aggressive than Male ones; they will still attack other fish. They also have the nipping habit. These can make the Angelfish aggressive, and they might end up killing each other.

That is why, even though they can live in the same water conditions and diet chart, you cannot live with them together in the same tank. 

Sifatul Shohan

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