Can Angelfish Be Kept Alone? Here’s The Truth

Angel-like fish, Angelfish is a very beautiful fish with angel-like wings. Well, not the actual wings. It is the fins that look like wings. There is a lot of debate about this angle-like fish keeping requirement. For instance, if the Angelfish can be left alone or need one or more partners to live peacefully. 

So, Can An Angelfish Be Kept Alone? There is no rule of thumb like you cannot keep the Angelfish alone; you can definitely keep each separately in a tank. However, keeping them in a group of 2 to 6 Angelfish is highly recommended. Otherwise, they might get all stressed out. 

Just like humans, fish cannot bear stress as it can invite many unwanted problems. This is why you need to keep things in such a way that your Angelfish live peacefully in the tank. I know it can get all complicated.

But you have nothing to worry about. I will thoroughly discuss things that can happen if you keep Angelfish alone and discuss if they need more of their own species to live a peaceful life. 

Lastly, I will mention effective ways of keeping Angelfish alone in a tank and make you understand all the things you should avoid while doing so. 

So, let us get started. 

Is It OK To Just Have One Angelfish?

It’s not okay to have just one angelfish as Angelfish likes to be in groups. Angelfish are social animals and they love shoaling around and interacting with other fishes of their own kind.

Let me explain.

Angelfish or any other fish need to have a similar aquatic environment in the tank that they would have in wildlife.

For instance, think in a way of a social human suddenly transferred in a single room and all the connections with him have been cut. Will he live peacefully then? No, right?

The same thing goes for the freshwater Angelfish. They need a few tankmates from their own kind and others in order to live a healthy life. They need to be swimming in a shoal while living in a group. 

The mature ones can be kept alone as they will not have the scope to stress due to loneliness. Then again, in other scenarios, Angelfish can be aggressive and frequently attack other fish present in the tank. Well, that calls for the action where you might need to separate them. 

Keeping Angelfish alone is perfectly fine but only with the mature ones. The young ones can be pretty lonely when kept alone and need to stay in a group. Angelfish can be aggressive when it comes to protecting the territory. 

That is, even though Angelfish can live alone in the tank, you need to create such an environment that replicates the real wildlife, which makes the Angelfish homely.  

Can Angelfish Be Kept Alone In A Community Tank?

Single angelfish in our community tank

An angelfish can be kept alone in a community tank if the tank mates are right. They are from cichlid family and can get quite aggressive if the tank mates are not peaceful. Also, the tank environment should be healthy.

Angelfish need to be kept in a community tank that will serve the same environment as the wildlife. The right amount of plants and substrates should be added to make it lively. The most important part is adding the right tank mates. 

Let me tell you, Angelfish are usually peaceful, but you need to make sure they are not stressed for any possible reason. Also, you need to remember they are territorial fish. 

So when keeping a single angelfish in a community tank, make sure the tank mates are friendly and the angelfish has enough space to define its own territory.

If things are not the way they should be, Angelfish can get aggressive and attack other fish and destroy the whole tank’s peaceful environment. This also includes maintaining the proper temperature and pH level. 

Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Setting Up A Community Tank For Angelfish

  1. Choose Ideal Tankmates: Choose the appropriate tank mate who is non-aggressive and stays in harmony. The fish should not be smaller than Angelfish because Angelfish have the tendency to eat smaller fish. 
  2. Avoid Fin nippers: There are a few fin nippers’ fish who, without any reason, nip other fishes in the tank; you need to keep those away from Angelfish.
  3. Maintain Water Parameter: The water parameters need to be maintained appropriately. 
  4. Choose Proper Tank Size: Look for the ideal tank size for a community tank that can keep Angelfish with other fish and provide a proper aquatic environment. 

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What Happens If I Keep Angelfish Alone?

Whereas people say Angelfish can live alone just fine, there are numerous side-effects of that as it can bring a lot of bad things than the good.

Let me list down all the cons of keeping Angelfish alone;

  1. Keeping Angelfish alone in a single tank can be cruel and totally unethical, as living alone can be hard. 
  2. When the Angelfish are left alone, they might lose appetite and eat less food than usual.
  3. If there are no other fish in the tank, especially from the same type, Angelfish might get tired and stay in a certain tank area. 
  4. When the Angelfish are kept alone, it can make them all stressed out
  5. The Angelfish can get lonely when they are kept alone, especially the young ones. 
  6. Some Angelfish love to stay in pairs. Although they are not mated for life, they love to have a mate. 
  7. They will have no one to mate or breed.

How Many Angelfish Should Be Kept Together?

As you know, Angelfish should not be left alone rather, and they need to stay in a group. It will not only reduce stress but also keep them active. To be honest, Angelfish loves to stay in a shoal as it replicates the wild environment. 

You need to keep a minimum of one pair of Angelfish together in a tank. It is suggested to go for at least two Angelfish. However, the ideal group of Angelfish should include two to three pairs of Angelfish together. 

Remember, Angelfish are territorial, so they need to be given enough space to roam around. The greater the number of Angelfish in the tank, the tank should get bigger. 

Also, focus on giving them a healthy and safe aquatic life that seems just like the wildlife. 

Do Angelfish Need A Partner?

Just like any other living being, Angelfish also need a partner. Angelfish mate for life is often told, which is just a myth, not a fact. They are most likely to change mates every now and then.

However, what is important for you to know is they will need a partner. For a short time or a long time, they will need a partner with whom they can move around. 

Although you need to keep at least a pair of Angelfish together, experts suggest keeping at least two to three pairs together in the same tank so that they can change mates if required. 

Do Angelfish Need To Be In Groups?

Multiple angelfish living peacefully

Angelfish will be able to live alone or in a group. But it would help if you kept in mind Angelfish are shoals who need to be kept in a group. Alone they will live and survive just fine, but they might live with stress and loneliness. 

They will not be active, and the behaviors will change but not in a positive manner if not kept in a group. They will also eat less when left alone. You need to keep at least 4 to 6 Angelfish together as a group but in a bigger tank. 

Please note that Angelfish living in a group also have a few drawbacks. Like they might get aggressive when they feel the territory is captured by other fish or other fish are attacking them. 

Do Angelfish Need Other Angelfish?

Yes, undoubtedly, Angelfish need other Angelfish in the same tank. They are required to have a peaceful environment. It would help if you also ensured there were four to six more Angelfish in the tank.

The Angelfish are shoaling and need other Angelfish to live peacefully. Living Angelfish together gives them the scope to pair and mate. It also makes them have a friendly environment. 

Related Questions:

Can Two Female Angelfish Live Together?

Yes, two female Angelfish can live with harmony in the same tank. They are peaceful and can be left in the same tank. They will not show any aggressiveness. 

Can Two Male Angelfish Live Together?

Male Angelfish have the tendency to show dominance and are territorial, which can make them aggressive. They will not hesitate to attack each other. This might create an unhealthy aquatic environment for the fish.

That is why keeping two Angelfish in the same tank is mostly prohibited. But if there are other female Angelfish present, then you can obviously keep them together. 

Can You Keep One Angelfish In A 10 Gallon Tank?

If the Angelfish are small, then you can keep one or two Angelfish in a tank of 10 Gallons. But when it comes to the big mature ones, trust me, 10 Gallon will not be appropriate even for one single Angelfish.

Final Thoughts:

Angelfish stays in a shoal. That is, they love to stay in a group of fish. No, I am not saying they cannot live alone.

Angelfish can live alone and I have tried keeping an angelfish alone in the past, but it brought more disadvantages than advantages.

They will get stressed because of loneliness, eat less food, and become less active. They will not have their pair, not a partner to mate. 

Keeping two or three pairs of Angelfish together and providing them with a replicated environment like wildlife is recommended. 

Asif Iqbal

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