Are Neon Tetras Artificially Colored?

Neon Tetras, such a beautiful fish, isn’t it? Both the male and female ones look very pretty in their own way. However, some rumors say Neon Tetras are artificially colored.

Are Neon Tetras Artificially colored? Neon Tetras are not artificially colored or dyed. A few species of tetras are injected with artificial human injections consisting of fluorescent materials that structure the DNA in certain ways that showcase different colors. However, neon tetras got their bright color naturally through thousands of years of evolution.

In this article, you will have detailed information on Neon Tetra colors and the reasons behind the availability of Tetras in different vibrant colors. Lastly, I will explain how Neon Tetras get their colors. 

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Why Do People Think Neon Tetras Are Artificially Colored?

There are certain reasons which indicate the Neon Tetras look artificially colored. However, it can be true in certain ways.

Here are the three main reasons of people thinking Neon Tetras as artificially colored:

1. Neon Tetras Have Bright Fluorescent Colors

Neon Tetras were mostly seen in the wild and had natural neon features, which evolved thousands of years ago. The best part is they are still evolving naturally. 

They are very adaptive to natural environments and thrive to survive. Almost every neon glow brightly in the dark. The colors of the Neon Tetras fish come naturally, just like people’s hair. 

Just like, some people have red hair, some have black whereas some people have brown hair. Although we are all human, depending on our environment and the area we live in, the color of our hair varies. 

Most of the time, they are just born in such a way, which makes the people confused as sometimes it seems unreal. Neon Tetras have been using the techniques to brighten the color to attack the preys and attract mates

Neon tetras have bright blue stripes that match the fluorescent color. All the fluorescent colors are bright, making us think that neon tetras are artificially colored, but neon tetras are not artificially colored or genetically modified.

2. Neon Tetras Glow Under Black Light

Neon tetras have blue stripes that glow under the blacklight. The reason is that neon tetras blue color is a bright fluorescent color that absorbs black light and then reflects bright colors to us.

That’s why we think that neon tetras are artificially colored. 

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3. Availability of Artificially DNA Modified Fish

Nowadays, another factor that is one of the big reasons for people thinking neon tetras are artificially colored is the abundance of varieties of artificially modified fishes in the market.

These modified fishes are given bright fluorescent colors to look appealing to aquarists. 

In 2003, a fluorescent fish, GloFish, was introduced, an altered variety of zebrafish. 

Then again, Electric Green Tetra was also introduced by modifying the black tetra fish. The list actually goes on.

These modified fishes have bright colors. As they are artificially colored, it’s natural for people to think neon tetras are colored as well.

Are Neon Tetras Genetically Modified?

Neon tetras are not genetically modified. However, there are a few other species of tetras that are genetically modified from black and white tetras but not from neon tetras.

Also, back in 2003, GloFish was introduced, which was a modified version of zebrafish. Then came GM tetra fish which glowed under the black lights. 

Many environmentalists are becoming very conscious and increasing the barriers to stopping the production of such genetically modified Neon Tetras.

Are Neon Tetras Naturally That Color?

Neon tetras are naturally bright colored. Also, they have the natural ability to change the color by brightening and transforming the shades. If the DNA structure is designed in a certain way, the fish can brighten or increase the glow of the natural color.

However, glo-tetras that come in blue, pink, yellow, and other fluorescent colors are not naturally that color. They are genetically modified to develop bright colors that glow under black light. 

How Do Neon Tetras Get That Color?

Neon Tetras mainly get the natural color because of the presence of a certain DNA structure. Without the DNA structure, the Neon Tetras cannot make the color brighter.

However, the type of food and the nutrients they intake can also make their natural color brighter. The more nutrient rich food, the more the chances of getting vibrant and bright color. 

Is Glofish Artificially Colored?

Yes, GloFish are genetically modified to be colorful, and scientists have introduced various colored GloFish up till today. They simply snatch color genes from one kind of breed and insert them into the other to make a whole new breed. 

Do They Inject Fish With Dye?

Yes, there are certain fish that are dyed using artificial colors. These can be harmful to the fish and the people who go near them. 

They use the syringe and inject the dye into the fish. Sometimes the fish are dipped in an acidic solution which strips the outer layer and then dips them in dye. 

Are Neon Tetras Painted?

The Neon Tetras are not painted or dyed or genetically modified. However, You will find various colored GloFish that are genetically modified from black and white tetras. It is because a Neon Tetras fish can only pose such variation when the DNA is structured in certain ways. 

Do Neon Tetras Glow Under Black Light?

Neon tetras glow under black light due to their genetic color which consists of fluorescent color that reflects brighter color under black light. However, neon tetras are not genetically modified in any way. 

Electric green tetras are the genetically modified ones that glow under the blacklight. These are modified using the genes of Black Tetra Fish which can also glow under the black right. 

Final Thoughts:

Neon Tetras are stunning fish, and the amazing part is that they can control the brightness of the body color, which they use to attract mates and attack the prey. Yeah, the attractiveness of the Neon Tetras fish does not go in vain. 

However, there are rumors that people dye or put artificial color in Neon Tetras fish which is not at all true. If it’s true, then it would be dangerous. 

Although the kind of food they intake can also play a great role in brightening the color of the Neon Tetras fish, their DNA structure needs to have a certain structure. Without the DNA structure, nothing will work.

So, their bright color is completely natural and not artificially colored.

Sifatul Shohan

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