Are GloFish Easy To Take Care Of? A Complete Guide

Such a beautiful creature is GloFish which you cannot avoid but put in your aquarium. It is their glowing nature that makes them more admirable. But how to manage them can be a doubtful question. 

Are GloFish Easy To Take Care Of? GloFish can be taken care of pretty easily as you need to follow some specific rules so that your GloFish stays stress-free. Providing them with adequate food by maintaining a proper diet and proper light is necessary. Lastly, maintain the water parameters and check them regularly. 

In this article, you will get various enlightening information about GloFish and its setup and care. You will get to know about the overall setting up process, which will also mention numerous important facts about GloFish. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let us get started. 

How To Set Up a GloFish Tank? – A Complete Guide

Well, GloFish fluorescent fish are sensitive fish and need proper care and set up to live peacefully. Let me tell you the step by step process of setting up the new home of GloFish. 

Remember, when you provide a stress-free environment to the GloFish, they will definitely bloom and stay healthy. This is the complete setup guide by the company, GloFish itself that I came across while researching on Glofish.

Step 1 – Tank Preparatory Stage

First, you need to open the fish tank and then discard any heating or cooling packs. Now make sure the water of the tank is cleaned and safe for the fish to live.

You will get a sachet of Tetra AquaSafe with your order. If you are setting up a new aquarium, you might need to add the pack of Tetra AquaSafe. The pack needs to be enclosed. 

Step 2 – Familiarize Your Fish With Their New Home

Now you need to follow the required steps to acclimate the gloFish in the new tank. So, follow these sub-steps accordingly;

  1. Begin with making the entire fish bag float in the desired aquarium for at least 15 minutes.
  2. After that, you need to open the bag carefully and take a cup in order to pour the water into the bag. Do not let the fish come out.
  3. Repeat the step for two to three-time and every time, give it five more minutes to set before pouring the next cup of water. 
  4. Then you need to carefully empty the entire bag that contains the fish. 

Step 3 – Take Proper Care Of The Fish And Tank

Now the final stage is to take proper care of your fish by providing adequate food and maintaining the water parameters. Do not skip the water changing or the cleaning part.

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What Kind Of Care Do GloFish Need?

The task of taking care of GloFish falls under the beginners’ level. They do not require such dedicated steps to follow but a few straightforward steps to keep them healthy. Remember, the level of your care and support will also vary the appearance of the fish.

Things you need to know for the better care of your GloFish;

1. Keep GloFish Stress Free

Let me make that clear to you without making you worry about it. It would be best if you kept your GloFish stress-free. 

It is simply because when they are stressed, they will not eat properly, attack other tankmates, will not adequately absorb or emit light, call for various diseases, and many more.

2. Food, Water Parameters, And Lighting

You need to provide enough food and maintain the water parameters so that they can live comfortably. 

The proper lighting should be provided in order to make them absorb and emit light that their capability to glow in the dark is balanced. 

You need to keep them under the blue light during the daytime because the blue light helps them absorb the light, and the black light helps them glow in the dark. 

However, both the time, the presence of white light is a must. Check out my recent article on, Do GloFish Need Blue Light? to learn more on this topic.

3. Keep Them In Group Or Ungroup

Not to forget that all the GloFish needs to be kept in a group of 4 to 5 fish of the same species, except GloFish Betta and Shark. GloFish Betta and Shark need special care and preferably should be kept alone. [Source]

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Information you need when you want GloFish as a pet;

Level of CareBeginner
Avg. Life Span3 to 8 years (can vary depending on the species and care)
Avg. Size1.5 to 6 Inches (can vary depending on the species)
Regular FoodFlakes, Vegetables, frozen food, bloodworm, etc. 
Minimum Tank Size10 – 20 Gallons (can vary depending on the species)
Avg. Water Temperature70 to 84 Degree Fahrenheit (can vary depending on the species)
Avg. pH Level6.5 to 7.5 (can vary depending on the species)
Substrates Plants, Stones, Sand, Marbles, etc

Are GloFish Good For Beginners?

To be honest, you might need to follow some strict rules when it comes to taking care of GloFish. But trust me, these rules are pretty straightforward, which is why beginners can easily take care of their GloFish. 

You just need to take proper care of your fish by following some definite rules. Let me state the specific rules so that it gets easy for you to maintain your GloFish;

Rule 1 – Keep the tank clean and change 25% water every two to three weeks.

Rule 2 – Maintain the water parameters for each of the species and check them regularly so that they do not fluctuate. 

Rule 3 – Provide food by maintaining the proper diet chart. Avoid overfeeding. 

Rule 4 – Keep enough Substrates and make the tank a friendly environment to live in.

Rule 5 – When you need to keep GloFish with some aggressive species, provide enough space for hiding. 

Rule 6 – Keep the tank size big enough so that the fish can freely swim around without making them suffocate. For many GloFish species, the minimum tank requirement is 10 Gallons. 

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How Do You Take Care Of GloFish?

Taking care of GloFish is a very straightforward task. You just need to maintain the balance between everything, including the food, lighting, water parameter, and substrates. 


The diet of GloFish species needs to be balanced with all kinds of foods. Some food needs to be fed on a daily basis, and some on a weekly basis. But the proper diet and regularity should be maintained with the proper nutrients.  

Nutritional balance makes sure the proper growth and breeding of the fish. You need to include food containing high carotenoids & beta carotene as it will keep your GloFish’s color lovely and vibrant. 

Feed regular items twice a day but do not overfeed them. The fish need to finish the food within 90 minutes. Do not give the frozen food directly to the fish. Remember to take time and soften the food first.  


When it comes to light, let the first tell you its importance in GloFish’s life. Actinic light, which contains the component of sunlight, is required for GloFish as they have a high color temperature (5000 – 6000 Kelvins). 

Blue light is the perfect actinic light for the GloFish, and they also help to direct them with the understanding of day and night. To balance the cycle, you need to provide them with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. 

As lighting cycle will regulate the food and sleep pattern so that they stay healthy. The blue light helps the GloFish with the fluorescent quality of them as they absorb the light, which makes them glow under the black light.  

This is the reason experts recommend GloFish lovers to set the light arrangement in such a way that in the daytime, the GloFish gets enough blue and white light because it helps them with light absorption.

It further helps the GloFish emit light under the presence of back light by glowing in vibrant neon color.  

Water Parameters

The fluctuation in the water parameters can not only make the GloFish stressed but can cause death.

You need to make sure all the species are provided with the average level of temperature pH level. The KH, GH, and nitrate levels should also be maintained. 

You also need to change the water regularly, and adequate filtration is required to keep your GloFish healthy.

Check the water temperature regularly, test the water quality once in a week and try to change 20 to 25% of the total water every two to three weeks.


Substrates help the fish to feel the tank environment as naturally as possible. It would be best if you keep plants and other non-reactive matters in the tank so that it makes the GloFish comfortable to live in. 

Substrates like gravel, marbles, stones, sand and other non-reactive matters are a great choice for GloFish.

When you need to keep aggressive and non-aggressive species of GloFish together in the same tank, remember to keep enough hiding spots for them. 

How Long Do GloFish Last For?

The lifespan of the GloFish can vary depending on the type of GloFish. On average, the lifespan is considered to be 4 to 8 years.

The lifespan can also differ depending on your level of care and support. 

Let me provide you the chart of different GloFish mentioning their lifespan;

Type of GloFishLife expectancy
GloFish Tetra3 – 5 Years
GloFish Bettas3 – 5 Years
GloFish Danios5 – 8 Years
GloFish SharkAround 8 years
GloFish Barbs4 – 7 Years

No matter what the life expectancy of the GloFish is, it will highly differ depending on the level of care and diet you provide. If the water parameters fluctuate more often, it can also cause the death of the GloFish. 

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Do GloFish Make Good Pets?

Surely, the GloFish are brilliant pets and will make the perfect addition to your tank. They are suitable for beginners as well. The vibrant color and the glow will definitely mesmerize the hobbyist. 

You just need to maintain the water parameters and provide the food maintaining the proper diet chart. Then you are good to go. 

What’s The Easiest Fish To Keep Alive?

Goldfish and GloFish Neon Tetra secure the top two for the easiest fish to keep alive. They are easy to maintain and do need extra spending. Just by maintaining the water temperature and diet, you can keep them healthy.

Moreover, they are also compatible with each other, but few conditions are applied. Check out the article on Can GloFish Live With Goldfish? for more information. 

Do GloFish Need An Air Pump?

The air pump is needed to ensure the proper oxygen regulation by the agitation of the surface water. Although smaller tanks can supply an adequate level of oxygen using the filters, bigger tanks will need an air pump.

Then again, if your tank’s filter is undergravel, you might need an extra air pump. My recommendation will be not to skip the air pump if there is not proper oxygen supplied in the tank because it can stress the fish and cause death. 

Check out the article on Do GloFish Need An Air Pump? for more information. 

Do GloFish Need Light At Night?

Proper lighting is essential for GloFish as it needs to be under the actinic light. It helps the GloFish absorb and emit light.

But the GloFish also needs to spend an adequate amount of time in darkness so that the food and sleep pattern are maintained.

This is the reason the GloFish does not require light at night. Remember to give them light for 12 hours a day and keep them in a dark area for the rest of 12 hours.

Final Thoughts:

Maintaining the GloFish is an easy task; you just need to maintain a few things.

For instance, maintaining the water parameters without letting them fluctuate, making the proper diet chart containing adequate nutrition, and timely providing an adequate amount of food.

Proper lighting is important when it comes to taking care of your GloFish. The Fluorescent characteristics are enhanced by the lighting you provide your GloFish.

Thanks for reading! If you have a minute, check out my recent article on, Can Glofish Have Babies? (Explained)

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