Angelfish Eating Habits: 15 Things You Should Know 

 Angelfish are surface or mid-water feeders. Maintaining an Angelfish diet chart is an easy task to accomplish. However, you need to be considerate when it comes to choosing the right food, giving them at the right time at the right amount.

Both overfeeding and underfeeding are dangerous. You cannot do either of them; rather, you need to make sure the Angelfish get fed properly.

I know it can not be very clear, which is why in this article, I will be answering all the burning questions that hobbyists ask about Angelfish eating Habits. I will mention all the important information regarding their food pattern and will let you know the things you should avoid. 

So, without any further ado, check out the whole article to gather insightful information regarding Angelfish Food Preferences. 

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1. What Do Angelfish Eat In An Aquarium?

Angelfish are omnivorous; as a result, when you keep Angelfish in an aquarium in freshwater, you need to make sure they receive the right amount of protein. Eating an adequate amount of meat is mandatory for them.

Even during the reproduction phase, Angelfish will require a high-protein diet. However, you need to provide plant-based food as well. They will need a properly balanced food diet that includes flakes & pellets, live food, plants & vegetables, and frozen foods. 

Make sure the live foods are free from any kind of bacteria and parasites. The food chart for the Angelfish living in the aquarium will vary as per their age, as the older ones need to follow a strict schedule. 

Check out the list provided below to know more about the Angelfish diet:

  1. Live Foods: You need to provide a fair amount of live food to your Angelfish, including shrimps and worms. Both Bloodworms and Mealworms are preferable. 
  2. Frozen Foods: You can also provide frozen foods. But you need to make sure they are softened before the Angelfish eat them. 
  3. High-Quality Pellets & Flakes: You can give Aqueon Shrimp Pellet Tropical Fish Food (Amazon Link) and Aqueon Tropical Flakes as they are high-quality balanced food options to feed your angelfish. 
  4. Veggies and Algae Wafers: You can add plant-based food to their diet, which can be a great source of nutrition for them. Either prepare vegetables or feed them Algae wafers (Amazon link)  which will provide enough vitamins and minerals for proper growth.

2. What Is The Best Food To Feed Angelfish?

When it comes to finding the best food for Angelfish, trust me, there is no best food. But there is a good diet chart you can follow so that the nutrients are properly balanced for Angelfish. The best diet chart includes five different types of food; flakes, pellets, live food, vegetables, and frozen foods. 

You just need to maintain providing the appropriate portion from each type. However, you should offer an angelfish balanced diet for proper nutrition.

Here is the list of the best food for Angelfish:

  • Spirulina Flakes: Spirulina-based flake foods are the best ones for Angelfish. 
  • Cichlid Pellets: When it comes to pellets, Cichlid fish pellets are the appropriate option. 
  • Live Foods: When it comes to living food, feeder fish can be nutritious and healthy. However, you need to avoid infectious ones. 
  • Veggies: Zucchini, cucumber, and fresh lettuce are good options when it comes to choosing vegetables for Angelfish. 
  • Frozen Foods: Bloodworm, Mysis shrimps, Brine Shrimps, or beef heart can be good options for frozen food. The frozen-dried version of these, except the beef heart, can also be a good source of nutrients.

3. What Do Wild Angelfish Eat?

When it comes to Angelfish living in the wild, the freshwater Angelfish will feed at the surface or the mid-water of the river. They will also grab small fish, insects, and invertebrates. They will seek food from aquatic life all on their own. 

Since they are meat-eaters, they mostly consume shrimp, varieties of worms, and many more in the wild. They will also eat some specific plants and algae. That’s how a proper diet is maintained naturally. 

4. How Much Should Angelfish Eat?

Angelfish needs a strict diet schedule. Feed the amount that can be eaten by the Angelfish within 30 -40 seconds every time you feed them as they can easily overeat. If you find them being hungry, you can add more than 20 to 30 seconds of feeding time. 

However, it would help if you made sure they were not overfed or underfed. You need to be very careful in this matter as overfeeding or underfeeding can be dangerous and can kill the fish. 

You can make a proper chart and set the timetable so that you can feed the fish as per their need. If you are new to it, you can consult an expert for the ideal diet chart for them. 

5. How Many Times A Day Do You Feed Angelfish?

It would help if you fed your beautiful angelfish at least three times a day. However, depending on the age of Angelfish, the food quantity will vary. For example, you need to provide three to four times a day for young and growing angelfish whereas the old ones will need twice a day.

When the Angelfish are older, they will need a strict feeding schedule, and you cannot really overfeed them. However, overfeeding can be a problem for Angelfish. It harms not only the fish but also the tank. 

6. What Vegetables Do Angelfish Eat?

Angelfish will eat various vegetables which you can easily find in the market. To begin with, zucchini, cucumber, peas, lettuce, and other light veggies can be added to the Angelfish’s meal. 

These fresh vegetables or plant-based food will be a great source of nutrients into their diet. Remember, just like other requirements, meeting the vegetable requirements is also mandatory. 

First, you need to boil the vegetables, and before giving the vegetables to them, you need to make sure the shells are removed and sliced into small pieces if needed. 

7. Best Homemade Food For Angelfish

Other than commercial food, you can make food for your Angelfish at your home, and there is no harm in it. You can definitely make some homemade food for your little creatures if you have time. 

The types of homemade food for Angelfish include vegetables and meat-based food, which is easy to make and will satisfy the actual protein-based need for Angelfish. The best homemade food for your Angelfish will include balanced meat- and plant-based food.

Let me share a recipe that will be rich in nutrients and will be a good food preferred by the Angelfish. The best part is you can ever store it very easily and use it later. 

The Best Angelfish Homemade Food Recipe

The recipe will include the perfect blend of protein, plant, and meat-based food. It can be a source of nutrients that combines everything the Angelfish needs.

Things you need;

  1. Good Quality Blender
  2. Sharp knife
  3. Pan
  4. Vegetables – Carrots, peas, broccoli, spinach, etc. (available vegetables you have in your home)
  5. Fresh Beef Heart
  6. Shrimp
  7. Gelatins (unflavored and unsweetened)  

The Recipe Of The Homemade Food

Step 1 – Prepare The Veggies

First, take the shells of the vegetables and then cut them into small pieces. Then you need to take a pan and boil the veggies until they are softened.

Step 2 – Prepare The Shrimp & Meat

Remove the shell from the shrimp before cutting them into small pieces. Then after cutting the beef heart, make sure to blend them properly.

Step 3 – Prepare The Gelatin

Take a small bowl and mix hot water with some gelatin. If you are wondering about the amount, make sure to follow the packet’s instructions. 

Step 4 – Preparation Of The Final Dish

Now mix the cooked veggies, blended beef, and shrimp along with the gelatin. 

Tada! The homemade food rich in nutrients is ready to serve. You can feed your Angelfish any time you want. If you want to store it for later, you can do that as well. 

How To Store Homemade Fish Food? The common and easy way to store homemade food is by freezing the food. You can take an ice cube tray and pour an adequate amount of the mixture or food into the cubes and store them in the freezer. 

8. Can Angelfish Eat Betta Food?

As you know, Angelfish are omnivores, but the Betta fish are carnivorous. Bettas will prefer meat-based food. The Angelfish will need food that has a perfect blend of meat and vegetables. They will seek foods with a balanced diet and cannot live only on betta fish food. 

When it comes to Angelfish, you have to give them protein, meat, and plant-based food that are rich in nutrients.

So, if you want to feed your angelfish with betta fish pellets, then try to feed them some algae wafers or veggies side by side.

Otherwise, only feeding betta food might cause digestion problems in the long run.

9. Will Angelfish Fry Eat Flakes?

Undoubtedly, crushed flakes are a great choice of food for baby Angelfish. Angelfish fries will eat crushed commercial flakes as food as soon as they get hatched. They should be given some time before eating regular flakes. 

Flakes can be stored easily and need no preparation before giving them to Angelfish. However, the best kind of food to feed angelfish fries is brine shrimp and egg yolk. It’s better to slowly introduce them to crushed flakes or pellets.

10. Can Angelfish Eat Bloodworms?

Bloodworms are a great source of protein for angelfish, and they love to eat bloodworms. Angelfish needs a lot of protein, and bloodworms can be a great source of it. So, undoubtedly, Angelfish will surely eat bloodworms, both the freeze and freeze-dried ones

However, you cannot overfeed bloodworms, and also, you should not make your fish eat Bloodworm all the time. They should be given as supplements with other food matters. 

11. Can Angelfish Eat Brine Shrimp?

Yes, Angelfish eat both live hatched and decapsulated brine shrimp. Angelfish love live brine shrimp. But if you don’t want the hassle of hatching brine shrimp, you can feed them decapsulated brine shrimp eggs as well.

12. Can Angelfish Eat Fish Flakes?

Yes, Angelfish can eat fish flakes. They require a proper diet with a high quantity of protein. So, before feeding them flakes, make sure the flakes contain enough protein, and the flake quality is good enough.

Being omnivorous, Angelfish can consume both meat and plant-based food. They are not too picky about food like most other omnivorous fish in the aquarium hobby.

So, undoubtedly, Angelfish can eat both fish and vegetable flakes. They will thrive on frozen, freeze-dried fish flakes. 

13. Do Angelfish Eat Frozen Shrimp?

Yes, Angelfish will eat frozen shrimp. They also eat the live and frozen-dried ones. But if you prefer to give them the frozen shrimp, then make sure they are softened beforehand.

It would help if you made sure of two things before providing frozen shrimp to your Angelfish: cut them into tiny pieces and soften them.

14. Can Angelfish Eat Peas?

Yes, Angelfish loves peas. Moreover, it will help them to clear out any blockages through their digestive system. When it comes to providing vegetables to your Angelfish, peas are a great choice. 

However, you cannot give peas directly to the Angelfish. You need to boil them for at least 10 minutes first and then take the shells off before slicing them. Once they are perfectly sliced, you can give the shredded peas to your Angelfish.

15. Is Overfeeding Angelfish Harmful?

To be honest, overfeeding is a problem for any fish as it harms both the tank and the fish. No matter what, you should always try to feed your fish the proper amount of food. 

Overfeeding can cause many health problems, which include; obesity, constipation, digestive problems, and can swell their bellies. It will also pollute the water as they will release more waste into the tank, which will eventually change the water parameter. 

In order to minimize constipation or indigestion problems, you can add a few drops of castor oil with their food. But always stay strict with the diet. Sometimes the irregularity might also cause the death of the angel-like beautiful angelfish.  

Final Thoughts

Angelfish do not require heavy food, but you need to note down that they are omnivorous, which is why they will need both meat and plant-based food.

They will need protein-rich food for proper growth, and during the reproduction phase, they will need high-protein based food.

You do not have to spend many thoughts on the diet chart of Angelfish. However, you need to make sure they are provided with the proper nutrients and never underfeed or overfeed them. 

You can also make homemade food for your Angelfish which carries all the nutrients for their proper growth and satisfies the need for these omnivores.

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