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Shohan and Asif FishKeepingTrends About Us

Asif and Shohan make up the Fish Keeping Trends team. They both love to take care of their aquarium fishes and learn new things about fish keeping every day.

Sifatul was ten years old when he got his first pet fish. Can you guess what his first fish pet was?
Of course, it was a goldfish. He has a huge community fish tank in his home. He is kind of obsessed with nano fishes. And his favorite fish is Neon Tetra.

Asif bought a betta fish with his own pocket money. He was 14 years old at that time. He kept that betta fish in a small fishbowl, and that fish lived for a long time. Now, he owns multiple fish tanks of various sizes, and he keeps different species of fish and invertebrates in them. He was also involved in several fish breeding projects.

Asif and Sifatul are childhood friends, and together they share their knowledge and passion for fish keeping with others through this site. Learn More About them by clicking here.

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